When people think of accessories, the first thing that springs to mind is jewelry, handbags, belts and maybe scarfs. However, accessorizing is a whole lot more than that, they can turn a boring outfit into something fab and new. You don’t need to get caught in a rut, so maybe expand your horizons and think of new accessories to try out.

Shoes are an accessory, they can make or break an outfit. For example, wear a business suit with leather boots and instantly make your outfit brand new (even if you wore the same business suit for the last 6 months!). For a night out on the town, pair your sexy little number with high heels and show people you’re stylish and sassy.

A jacket is an important accessory to consider. The right jacket can turn an ordinary outfit into something brand new or hide any figure flaws you might have. A long tailored Mac jacket can be very handy to hide a large tummy. Retro jackets never go out of style, so pair one with an old dress or a skirt – it will update your outfit without spending a fortune. Older vintage jackets are great collector’s items and another way to accessorize and personalize your individual style.

Most people fail to realize that your hair clip is an accessory. For a glamourous look try adding a stylish hair band, or on a cozy night in, tie your long hair with a retro scrunchy. In the summer time spice up your hair style by putting in some flowers or ribbons. There are so many options for what to do with your hair that it’s fun to experiment.

When we think of shawls, most people imagine only elderly ladies wear these; however they are very much on trend these days. Most shawls are now made with beautiful metallic thread woven into the fabric and can even include beads and jewels. They make a great fashion statement, one that people will want to copy.