Absolutely Fabulous Sweetie Darling

Absolutely Fabulous was a sitcom that ran for over 10 years on the bbc. Growing up I use to LOVE this show – the comedy was always spot on and oh my god don’t even mention the 90’s fashion!
Staring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley well one is a pr guru and another is a director or something for a fashion magazine. They hang out, get drunk, wear outrages clothes and say sweetie darling a lot and chain smoke. It the situation that they get themself into every week that made this show such a success and one of the reason why it have such devoted fan like me!
Watch this classic BBC show on youtube and you will be hooked or if you’re like me and order the entire box set off Amazon for a christmas treat. More information can be found on these websites


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Absolutely Fabulous Sweetie Darling

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