It\'s just another manic Monday (Woah, woah)⠀
I wish it was Sunday (Woah, woah)⠀
\'Cause that\'s my fun day (Woah, woah, woah, woah)⠀
My I don\'t have to run day (Woah, woah)⠀
It\'s just another manic Monday....⠀
PS: Let me know if you think this coat looks like a dressing gown! ⠀
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It\'s just another manic Monday...

Keeping fingers and toes crossed that we get snow this weekend. ⠀
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Keeping fingers and toes crossed...

Well hello my lovelies, how are you? Yes I know I\'m late (terribly late) to the whole new year shebang, but if I\'m honest January isn\'t my favourite month and I found with a lockdown in force, it so hard to motivate yourself, you know what I mean? ⠀
I popped on to say hello and to show you my new winter wear, a New look Grey belted coat. More info on the coat and how I\'m viewing 2021 is the blog today so check out the link on my bio. ⠀
Bring on spring...⠀
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Well hello my lovelies, how...

My #topnine grid post. Despite 2020 being a shitshow, I did manage to show a lot of lovely outfits post this year. As I couldn\'t really go anywhere this year due to Covid (which is sad as I miss travelling) I turned my attention toward my clothes. It has been lovely to show off my fashion this year. Richard the photographer (and also my hubby) enjoyed it as well as his professional photography job has dried up completely due to Covid, so he was able to take some photos and use his camera.⠀
I have loved showing off my fashion this year and some of the comments you have left me have been so lovely. I feel 2021 will hopefully be another year of outfit posts and I would love to be doing something other than going to Co-op for my only source of outside entertainment. ⠀
Soppy post coming, bring the tissues. But a massive thank you for supporting me and being with me this year. It hasn\'t been an easy year but somehow we got through it all together.⠀
When I drink my Gin and Lemonade at midnight I will raise a toast to you all.⠀
Happy New year and bring on 2021. Mwah. xxx ⠀
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My #topnine grid post. Despite...

Merry Christmas! Last night a lovely neighbour dropped off a gingerbread cake for us. That was lovely. I\'m now deep in preparation for my first Christmas Dinner home cooking like I said before this kind of thing brings the foodie of out me. ⠀
Have a brilliant day and drink to your heart content - cause I am!! Haha ⠀
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Merry Christmas! Last night a...

Like a lot of people within the South East & London area, I\'m now in tier 4. Which essentially means Christmas is to stay at home and don\'t mix with anyone. So unlike my normal Christmas schedule where I see families and so on, this year it will just be the two of us. ⠀
While I\'m angry and annoyed like a lot of people who are stuck in tier 4, I\'m seeing the silver lining where for the first time ever I have to cook a Christmas dinner. I\'m actually looking forward to it, especially as Christmas dinner always bring the foodie out of me. I\'m also looking forward to staying in pyjamas and binge-watching Christmas films. ⠀
This Christmas won\'t be a normal Christmas, but I\'m still trying to look on the bright side and still going to enjoy the festivity. ⠀
If you are stuck in South East & London Tier 4 malarky, then I hope you have the best Christmas possible. I will raise a toast for you.⠀
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Like a lot of people...

About Me


Hello, it’s so lovely for you to join me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna Nuttall living in London and married to my husband, Richard. I worked in retail for ten years before I left and fulfilled my addiction to social media and blogging, where I’m now working as a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and also in digital marketing. I graduated 2012 from Fashion Journalism at University For The Creative Arts where my passion for writing (especially blogging) really took off, I’m not good at expressing myself through speech (I have a slight speech impediment), so I feel more comfortable writing things down. Feel free to say hi anytime. x

About The Blog: started as a portfolio site for my freelancing writing, but soon enough it ended up a place for my rambling. I like to post a mixture of women’s lifestyle topics, beauty product reviews and also travels. My main objective with this blog is to make people happy.

Another one of my main objective for this blog is the fact that I like to document my life through photos. I never leave home without my camera. Having a husband who is a professional photographer means he is the guy who is usually behind the camera. Wherever I go – or whatever I buy I’m always documenting it through my pictures. I want my readers to be as part of the journey as I am.

Writing for means I can finally put my writing skills to work. From an early age, I have always been that girl who adored English and loved writing stories. I was convinced that I would one day be the next Francine Pascal; it hasn’t happened yet.

I was also convinced I could be the real-life Lois Lane and have Superman rescued me. I’m still waiting for that to be real. Growing up I was obsessed with magazines and wanted to be in the print/publishing industry.

I finally found my calling, and in 2012 I graduated from Fashion Journalism where I was going to be the next Anna Wintour (lots of name-calling in this, what can I say – I had lots of role models!). Then the internet happens and with everything moving online.

After a series of some terrible jobs, I eventually started to blog full-time and that where we are at today. My advice would be to put the kettle on and pull up a chair as this blog is here for the long term so you might as well get comfy, happy reading. x

How Would I Describe Myself?

I would describe myself like a magnum ice cream, at first it really hard to bite into then once you get into the soft layer you opened all kind of yummish, this translates as I’m very shy at first glance then once you have gotten through the first layer I’m very talkative and friendly. My interest in life is fashion and lifestyle; I’m never too far away from fashion! I’m always wandering in and out of fashion shops, and I spend most evening surfing all the designers’ fashion websites. I enjoy wandering around London and finding new boutique and curling up in coffee house reading the latest Vogue, I love trying out new make-up and cosmetic, and I’m a huge Lush user! My favourite designers are Anna Sui, Laura Lees and Betsy Johnson. Their styles really inspire me as they use bold, bright colours blended to create really beautiful clothes.


The things I enjoy most is being a complete geek, whether it’s on the computer or sitting in a corner reading my book on the kindle. I’m a huge RPG gamer and can be seen playing some fantasy-driven computer games on my PlayStation. Admittedly I’m a techno-aholic if you haven’t guessed, I don’t have a life – I have a blog and a computer. Yeah, I’m a loner (but not a weird loner – just a shy one).

Article On Me

Here is an article someone wrote about me:

Despite height, quiet voice and Anna’s apologetic first words claiming she’s “quite a shy, nervous person” I couldn’t have thought anything more opposite than that upon first meeting her. Anna N, surname is also known as G due to her recent engagement to boyfriend of nine years, is anything but quiet. When asked a simple question there’s no stopping an honest and detailed answer that goes back to her childhood, giving the reasons why she is the person she is today.

Anna, aged twenty-six, hasn’t had an easy ride trying to pursue her dream of being “the next Carrie Bradshaw, however stereotypical that may sound”. There have been many hurdles she’s had to overcome during her early years in education, along with her health. Anna attended a single-sex boarding school in London which was never much to her liking, taking trips home as often as she could. As we all know girls can be extremely talented at being mean, but the personal stories that Anna confided in me about the way her classmates treated her, I would find quite scarring. It made me wonder why on earth she would want to go into another school where the class has a high majority of females, if not almost all girls. “The girls here are nothing like the ones at school, I prefer it here as I feel everyone is so much more mature and relaxed,” she said “being the oldest on the course is also a bonus as all this youth keeps me so energetic.












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