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A small hiatus

Hi bloggeroo,

Just to let you know this wont be updated for a while. As I am sorting out a lot of personal things at the moment, there are lots of things I’m trying to achieve in the background and I need to have a think about how to move this blog forward and onward.

Hope you all have a great Easter and wrap up warm in this freezing weather. You can always find me on twitter (@annanuttall)if you want a chat or need me to give you some fashion advice. 

See you soon.

Anna xx 

Anna Nuttall

Hello, it’s so lovely for you to join me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna Nuttall living in London and married to my husband, Richard. I worked in retail for ten years before I left and fulfilled my addiction to social media and blogging, where I’m now working as a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and also in digital marketing.


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