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A Page from My Dreams Diary

by Anna Nuttall

My dreams can only be described as little movies that play in my head while I sleep. I must say that I look forward to these nighttime wonders, but I always wonder what it was all about. So, I would share a page from my dreams diary with you, and hopefully, you might pick up on any hidden meaning and share what you think these dreams might be about.

I’m sure we have watched those sci-fi movies where a person can enter their dream and change reality forever. I’m always intrigued by those film as I think it would be cool to enter my dream – but not necessarily wanting to change my reality forever. If I enter my dream, I could make sense of it and understand what my unconscious is trying to say to me.

For now, I must be contended with keep dreams diary and Googling in the morning what that dream was about. If any dream detective reads this, maybe you might be about to pick up on any hidden meanings; I would appreciate any inputs. Anyway, let me share with you a page from my dreams diary.

Dream about Paris.

I was in Paris, and I had to climb these steps to reach a pastry café. I remember ordering something but never actually receiving it. I also remember thinking to myself how I got to Paris when I didn’t use the Eurostar train. I was also wandering around the street, trying to find my husband to take him to the pastry café. There were no Paris landmarks like the Eiffel Tower within the dream.

(I do feel perhaps I should give you a little context on this dream, you might recall that I went to Paris on my own a few years ago while Richard was working. Maybe my dream incorporated a little of this, perhaps?)

Dream about New York.

I had a few dreams over the past few months in New York. The first dream was we somehow got stuck in a car park, and I was crying that I wanted to get to Macy and Bloomingdale. Another dream was me doing an Insta story of me in New York, and this one even had a soundtrack attached to it, Taylor Swift ‘Welcome To New York’. I also wanted to visit Macy and Bloomingdale.

(Another context, I went to New York a few times when I was a teenager with my mum. The last time I was there was for my 21st birthday, and it wasn’t too long after I got engaged. I am desperate to go back there.)

Dream about moving into a haunted house.

I dreamt we moved into a new house, and it had an eerie weird feeling about it. Not long after we moved in, we would learn that we were not allowed in the house’s back area as the previous owner still got a hold of it. But of course, you sneak in and find something is odd. Of course, I always wake up at that moment, but I do want to uncover the strange feeling I have in my dream.

 General dreams about moving to a new house.

I had for over a year now dreams about moving into a new place. They don’t have a similar pattern, except they all about us moving into a new home. I can’t go into details as it usually all a blur and doesn’t make any sense.

So, what do you think about these dreams? Do you wish to share a page from your dream’s diary?

More images are on my Instagram.

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