A Humberg Cath Kidston Pyjamas Party

A stopover trip while on our way to Denmark, I had a Humberg Cath Kidston pyjamas party.

After spending 24 hours in Amsterdam, we wanted to go straight to Demark. But it was a long train journey. Too long to do it in one day. So the only options were to have a stopover at Humberg, Germany. Thus breaking up the journey into two and giving us some time to get food and to relax.

We didn’t get to Humberg till the evening, so we couldn’t really explore the city and with it being only a stopover – we also didn’t really fancy delaying our plan as we were anxious to get to Denmark. So we found a pizza restaurant and ate our dinner there and then it was back to our hotel room for a Humberg Cath Kidston pyjamas party.

It feels wrong showing you winter pyjamas in spring, but truthfully, I still been wearing them through this season as it been a little cold.

And also these Pyjamas from Cath Kidston are so super cute and also very cosy to wear. I just wanted to show you.

What makes these a little more winter theme is the fact that has little polar bears and penguins print on them. When I saw these pyjamas I knew it would be perfect for my winter travel around Europe. So appropriately themed, don’t you agreed.

While most pyjamas party involved pillow fights and staying up all night telling ghost stories. This pyjamas party involved washing my hair and having an early night as we were leaving early the next morning.

Not the most exciting pyjamas party in the world – but at least I had a good night sleep and feel cosy and comfortable in my Cath Kidston Pyjamas.

The next morning involved waking up and leaving Humberg to continue our journey to Denmark. Which I will be talking about next time.

Humberg Cath Kidston pyjamas party

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  • Sarah Howe
    May 2, 2018

    Ah they so look so warm and toasty. It’s so cold today I could probably do with a pair too. Hope the trip fun. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest

  • Kim Carberry
    May 2, 2018

    Ahh! Those pj’s are so cute. They look so cosy too x #bloggersbest

  • Elin Pekár
    May 4, 2018

    OMG! I need that PJ >.< its so darn cute >.<

  • Karen - Kupon Girl
    June 7, 2018

    Cute #polarbears flannel pj’s! Yeah- I love me some flannels too! They are so warm and comfy~

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A Humberg Cath Kidston Pyjamas Party

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