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A Guide To Christmas Jumpers

Picture this Christmas scene: snow is falling outside while indoors there’s an open fire and twinkling lights on a Christmas tree. Stacked underneath are presents and gifts just waiting to be opened, traditional music is playing. Then of course there’s the knitwear that everyone is wearing, you know the embarrassing jumper you are forced to pull out every year.

Not everyone is this fortunate, so spare a thought for the children that will wake up with no twinkling lights on a Christmas tree or presents to be unwrapped. 12th December is the Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day, it’s a day where people in the UK come together to wear Christmas jumpers for a good cause. Click on the link to find out more details.

You have to be not only a Christmas scrooge but also a fashion scrooge to be avoiding the Christmas jumper this year, this staple of the festive season has been a topic of conversation when making arrangements. The Chief Executive of Asos is quoted by saying the trend for it this year is bigger than ever before.  The Christmas jumper is becoming just as traditional as the Coco Cola advert and the Starbucks red cup, and while some might be a scrooge about it – there are others who relish in it and think it’s the best thing since ‘onesies’ came onto the scene.

So if you don’t want to be a fashion scrooge this year or you don’t want your friends or family to suffer, then this guide will hopefully give you some guidance on what Christmas jumpers are available to buy for both men and women, catering for those on a budget to those who have expensive tastes.

The Christmas Jumper for Men 

A top tip when it comes to buying a Christmas jumper for the opposite sex is to let the knitwear do the talking for you. After all, there’s no need to go over the top. Men would especially thank you for this – they don’t want to feel even more embarrassed then they already are. For the opposite sex who just don’t like this trend and for those who don’t like the trends but are willing to go along with the festivities for the day and after will give it to a charity such ‘Save The Children’, then here’s a pick of the top 4 who can almost get away with it. Remember subtlety is key here – do not go over the top.


A Guide To Christmas Jumpers


  Asda Musical Reindeer Christmas Jumper George Asda £12

M&S Crew Neck Christmas Robin Novelty Jumper  £29

– New Look Christmas Jumper with Santa Design £19.99

–  Topman Gingerbread Man Crew Neck Christmas Jumper £20

Crazy over the top Christmas Jumper

If going subtle isn’t your thing and you are willing to go all out – after all why shouldn’t you? Christmas jumper is all about the colours, the pattern and what effect you can get from it. Christmas jumper now comes with twinkling lights, animations and garnish bright colours. Here’s our pick on which Christmas jumper will be over the top this season.


A Guide To Christmas Jumpers


Morph Costume Peeking Santa Knitted Christmas Jumper £35.99 (This one also comes with a free app.)

Rusty Zipper Womens Multicolour Light Christmas Jumper  $58

Not on the high street Ladies Squeaky Nose Rudolph Christmas Jumper £34.30

The Christmas Jumper for Designer Label Lovers

If however, the man or woman is a credit-card snapping high heel tapping fashionista who have expensive tastes, then only the best will do. While in high designer fashion terms the knitwear patterns simply seem to be garnish, that doesn’t give you the excuse to miss out, so a tip would be to accessorise, style your Christmas jumper with a statement handbag or jewelry. If you don’t want to accessorise but still look like you have expensive tastes, here are Net-A-Porter’s 5 picks for Christmas jumpers to wear for the day.


A Guide To Christmas Jumpers


BELLA FREUD Star Studded intarsia merino wool sweater £260

TORY BURCH Fringed wool-blend jacquard sweater £515

KENZO Shadow Flower appliquéd intarsia wool-blend sweater £350

Funny Christmas Jumper

If at the end of the day you just want to have a festive old cheers and not worried about being embarrassed or about catering to your expensive taste for day. Christmas after all is all about having a merry old time. If you fancy adding a little bit of cheers to the guide, here is are top two:


A Guide To Christmas Jumpers


Funky Christmas Jumper spider santa £39.99

Tipsyelves Men’s Gingerbread Nightmare Jumper (Green) £39.95

Remember, the Christmas jumper is a little bit of fun around Christmas time, don’t take it too seriously. Whether you think it’s stupid or you have expensive tastes, just take a moment and to consider the few who won’t be having the happiest of time. When the festive season is over please donate your jumper or unwanted presents to ‘Save the children’ or please make a small donation to as it will help children make Christmas that much more special, as well as giving you a warm feeling inside. What could be more Christmassy than that?


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  • Helen

    You can’t beat a festive jumper 🙂 Thanks for popping over to the #bestandworst x

    2nd December 2015
  • Oh my there are some cute ones but I do think the flashing lights on the Christmas Tree would have to me my favourite!

    26th October 2016

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