What a girl to do when all she wants to do is explore a castle and to try and enjoys a summer day. Have a day in Lewes off course.

In an effort to beat the summer school rush and to try and make the most of summer, we decided last week to spend a day in Lewes; where we can explore a castle and visit a Tudor home.  When I say beating the summer school rush, I mean it us trying to enjoy a day somewhere that isn’t filled with kids.  Us enjoying summer before the schools have broken up for summer. As once the kids are on their summer holiday – it a nightmare to go anywhere.

So where were I, oh us having a day at Lewes. It a little village outside of London and it smack bang in the middle of the East Sussex countryside. As you will see from these pictures, it’s a little village that is surrounded by miles and miles of countryside. Perfect if you like that kind of thing.

We were there to explore it castle, eat and drinks in one of their pubs and to visit a Tudor house. Plus, it gave us the excuses we needed to get out of London for the day.

I also do have a confession; I just love exploring old castles. It’s the history buff in me, I can’t help myself. So when an opportunity does arise where I can explore an old castle – I’m on it faster than a bullet train.

So imagine my excitement when Richard suggested Lewes castle.  I Imagined dark towers with secret passageway that no one has discovered yet. I also imagined spiral staircase and old tapestry hidden with secret clue for buried treasure.

Well when we go there, I wasn’t half wrong. There were dark towers with spiral staircase, but no hidden treasure or secret passageway. When we got there, there was much to see in all honesty.

It was the case of climbing up the very narrow spiral staircase to get to the top of the tower and to see the views. Then climbing back down and not to fall down and break your neck.

Oh well, the history buff in me was still happy and at least I got to explore a castle.

While we were there, we also visited Anne of Cleves Tudor home. Now how good is your history, who was she the wife of? Tell me in the comment and you get a high five from me.

I do love a good Tudor home, but sadly this one was very bare and wasn’t very large. But oh well sitting outside in the garden having ice cream was nice enough.

Anyway that enough of me rambling on, I will let these pictures do the talking. That was my day in Lewes.

day in Lewes day in Lewes day in Lewes

day in Lewes day in Lewes day in Lewes day in Lewes day in Lewes day in Lewes day in Lewes

day in Lewes day in Lewes day in Lewes day in Lewes day in Lewes

day in Lewes