A cape crusader coming out of the darkness





Cape,Bunnies Blouse, Bag: H&M

My current obsession with H&M is seriously reaching fever pitch at the moment. Every time I go in there I feel like they have looked into my brain and have picked out all the things I want in my life right now. I love bunnies and shirt – put then together and what do you have? The perfect bunnies blouse suited for the crazy bunnies lady I am. Another example is that I found myself needed a bag that I can keep my hands free if necessary but also one I can store all my junk in without it tearing, what did I find? The ideal big black handbag off course – perfect for everything that I need. To top it all off as the big parka jacket I brought a few week ago if perfect wear but can be a bit stiffing when you only popping across the road, so I needed something in the middle. The cape was the perfect solution, the husband even nicknamed me the cape crusader.

I think H&M has hired some amazing wizardry who has the ability to look into people brain  and pick out there true desire. At this rate I will be bankrupt before Christmas.




H&M Beauty Mini Haul
A cape crusader coming out of the darkness

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