7 New Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Some old avenue for blog traffic is closing down, while no opportunity opens up. Here 7 new ways to get traffic to your blog.

If you haven’t heard, StumbleUpon (SU) is closing down. Boo – Hiss. This news strikes me right at the heart as over the years SU has given me a healthy steady stream of blog traffic.

Thus I’m now in a dilemma and I’m now looking for new ways to increase my blog traffic as it back to zero for me – which is something I don’t want. While I’m annoyed at this, at the same time, there’s no point crying over the demise of SU, you just got to pick yourself up and move along.

This dilemma has provided a unique opportunity, where I can now try out and pick and choose new blog traffic stream. And work out what works and what doesn’t.

If there one thing I have learnt over the years. There is a healthy wide variety of stream around the internet where it caters to all nature of blogs. You never really alone.

But having said that, catching the stream and making it work for – well that often can feel like a needle in a haystack.  Sometimes it does – sometimes it doesn’t.

I thought I would show you 7 new ways to get traffic to your blog so that you’re never caught out and never need to go back to zero.


While I’m crying over the closure of SU, I’m not entirely upset as the people behind the old social network has joined forces and created Mix.com. This promise to be a more updated and more innovated SU. You can still add pages and find new sites to discover (so I can still get my paranormal/weirdness news). Its early days but it still worth adding pages from your site to Mix.


This kind of work like mix.com – but it also works like digit and other bookmarking sites. Basically, you can create a group, which is known as magazines and from there you can add your site pages and other site pages. The idea is that people like what they see, they will flip it and add it to their own magazines. A few bloggers have reported a huge traffic increase using this method. I’m still working out the logistic.


Ok, this isn’t particularly new, but I still wanted to add it to the list. Since I made the investment to Tailwind, I have seen a healthy steady stream from Pinterest which been a saving grace. I will be writing about Tailwind in due course, but I love how I can schedule a pin and then Tailwind and Pinterest does the rest for me.

(In the meantime, if you would like a free month trying out Tailwind – I can offer you a free trial. Just comments down below your email address and I can easily add you. There no additional sign up fees either.)


Another thing that isn’t exactly new, but over I have learnt how important SEO is and how it can be a saving grace when you’re travelling and still need blog traffic. I have written a lot about SEO, so I won’t repeat myself.


This is my least favorite social media platform and the one I least get traffic from. Still just as important, as it another excellent place finding for bloggers with communities and group.

The great thing for me about Google+ is that it’s full of people who are eager to +1 and share your content, well it is when Google+ is used properly. The same rule for Google+ communities and groups still applies. Don’t just dump your link and leave, do reciprocate other bloggers on the group with their links, participate and say hi to people. Don’t ignore it and use hashtag and images when you post.


I have found I get traffic from people I have networked with via online or offline. My business cards have this blog URL on it, so if people want to find out more about me – they can easily find me through my business cards. If you spot an opportunity online, feel free to put down your blog URL and put yourself forward.

Commenting on:

Some say this is an old fashion method, but in my case, it still does work and it honestly doesn’t take much time. It also shows that you are supporting that particular blogger, so overall – if you do it right and write a genuine comment then there no reason why you won’t get a healthy steady stream of blog traffic.

Traffic Essential Tools:

I thought I would talk about Stats Counter quickly. This is such an awesome tool – I just feel silly for not discovering sooner. It more in-depth than Google analytic and it really does show you how people are finding your site. It also shows the visitors IP address and where they are from. It also shows you what links they have clicked from on your blog post. It such a useful tool.

Do you have any tips or trick on how to get traffic to your blog? Please do share.

7 new ways to get traffic to your blog

  • Laura
    June 11, 2018

    OMG, I had no idea StumbleUpon is closing down. It’s been a pretty good source of traffic for me (even though usually with a short time spent on page & pretty high bounce rate). But still, traffic is traffic, especially for beginners. Thanks for the tips on mix and flipboard, I didn’t know about these. For me, Twitter is also a pretty decent wait to find traffic. I find the blogger community there is really nice (most of it, anyway) and supportive. Least favorite would be Instagram. Most of the time I get 0 traffic from it. And I’ve never even used Google+.

  • Abhishek Bamotra
    June 16, 2018

    I was also surprised to read about StumbleUpon closing, but it is actually not the complete information. The complete thing is that Stumbleupon is being moved to mix.com and all the accounts will be transferred there. You can continue using it there.

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7 New Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

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