6 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Extra Special

Today is mother’s day and if you are trying to think of ways of making it special for your mum, worry no more. Here are 6 ways to make mother’s day extra special.

Um confession time, and this is a little embarrassing. I actually forgot it was mother’s day today. Whoops. Sorry, mum. I’m useless at remembering special days. No worry, the day is still young and I still have plenty of time to make it extra special.

If like me and kind of left mother’s day last minute, well shame on you. Same on me as well – now I think about it. I have 6 ways to make mother’s day extra special. And the best part is, you don’t need to spend a fortune doing it.

Here are my 6 ways to make mother’s day extra special.


Start with the obvious and the simpler solution. Buy your mum some flowers. Not the cheap tacky one where you got it from a petrol station (not that there anything wrong with them, but you don’t want to give your mum half dead flowers), but try and buy them for a florist. I personally think flowers always make a mum smile.

Help with the shopping:

If your mum is quite elderly and still does all the food shopping, then go out of your way and help with the shopping. And one way to do that is by looking at mobility scooter. Then that way they can shop in places like the local shopping centre or Waitrose stress-free and independently. Mobility Scooter can give a person complete freedom to go wherever they want without the support of other people. Also it allowed them to carry more shopping without the hassle of actually carrying it home.

Cook the dinner:

This tends to another obvious and simpler solution to making mother’s day special. I actually never done this – not cause I’m lazy! Cause my mother can’t handle me cooking in her kitchen. Charming!! If your mum isn’t like this and happy for you to use the kitchen, then go ahead and cook the dinner for her.

Take them out for dinner:

If cooking a dinner too much of a headache, then why don’t you take your mum out for dinner. Take them to the local carvery for a nice roast dinner without the washing up. Or perhaps just to a pub for a nice drink and to get out of the house.

Do a surprise:

To make it really fun and a little special, arrange a surprise. This could be aunt Molly popping by for an afternoon chat, or perhaps a surprise homemade presents. Or even, a surprise party where the whole family come over.

Book a beauty day:

As far as I know, all mums love a beauty day. This can be going to the hairdresser for a blow-dry, or going to a nails palace for a manicure.  Or go for that extra special touch and book a spa day for her. Who would turn down a spa day?

Those were my 6 ways to make mother’s day extra special, especially when leaving it last minutes. Do you have any to add?


(In collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing)

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6 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Extra Special

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