I’m feeling a little stuck at the moment, I just want to travel and explore new places. So feeling a little stagnated I have turned to YouTube Channels to get my travel fixed, here are 6 travel channels to binge watch on YouTube.

Now it September (finally!), I can start reshowing you my travel photos from when I went interrailing earlier this year. Just to give you a brief overview of what I did. Throughout February, Richard and I went travelling all over Europe using an Interrail Pass. We went everywhere – well mainly around the Scandinavian and Nordic countries. I started to show you my adventures once I came back, but because we went in winter and in some places it was snowing, I stopped showing you guys as it just didn’t seem right to show you winter pictures when the weather outside was getting sunnier and warmer.

But yes, as I was saying, now its September I can restart showing you my Europe adventures. I have to say, looking at all my travel pictures is making me have that travel bug again. It was so much fun travelling and documenting it all. If you know me, you would know I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Which is why I feel kind of weird to report that at the moment I’m kind of stuck and just stagnated. I’m sort of now just staying in one place and not going anywhere. This isn’t a bad thing – it just means I can save up and start planning my next adventures, though knowing me I’d spend that time just dreaming about going on an adventure.

Anyway, as I was saying – feel stagnated and not going anywhere; So I turned to YouTube. More specifically YouTube Travel Channels. I find watching YouTube Travel Channels be kind of therapeutic to watch. But the trouble is, I find myself adding to my ever-growing bucket list and wanting to do everything. Which isn’t great, as soon as I see something I want to do it right this very instant; I’m not always the most patient person in the world.

If you are in the same mood as me and feeling a little stagnated, here are 6 travel channels to binge watch on YouTube.

The Luxury Travel Expert:

If you like luxury travel and want to go somewhere to pamper yourself, but don’t know where to start? Well, The Luxury Travel Expert is the perfect channel to binge watch. New video every week, each at a different location.

Kate and Nate:

Husband and wife who decided to travel the world, and to vlog it all. Really bubbly and friendly personality and I’m so envious of the places they have visited.

Going Awesome Places:

New video every week of different location. Always fun to watch and to see what he has discovered while travelling.

Suitcase Monkey:

High quality travel video with a different location every week. Always showing you something you want to add to your ever-growing bucket list.

The Endless Adventure:

Another husband and wife travel channel. I really like their chatty style and all the new places they always visited.

The Blonde Aboard:

I recently discovered her blog and I am hooked. Very high quality made videos and it just make you wished you were there right now experiencing it all.

Do you have any of your own favorite travel channel on YouTube, feel free to comment down below as I can check it out.