Around Halloween, I love crawling into bed with a good bone-chilling ghost story. So here are 6 ghost books for adults to read on Halloween.

I remember reading my first ghost book as a young child and how it gave me nightmare weeks after. It was called Carrie war and it was about children being evacuated during WWII, and how they eventually find a screaming skull that was cursed.

It was one of those books you were forced to read at school, so one night as part of my homework I had to read a chapter. Got to the part of the screaming skull – when I myself heard an almighty big scream coming from the home. Well, you can imagine how much that frightens me. The scream came from our budgie at the time who got his foot stuck. I laugh about it now, but trust me 6-7 years old me at the time wasn’t laughing.

What I’m saying, good ghost books can leave you with lasting memories. Another example is the Susan Hill, The Woman in Black. Famous ghost books for adults and I read this originally in school – but I also bought the book so I can continue to read when at home. That how good it is.

If you like a bone-chilling, spine-tingling nightmare ghost story book. Then you have got to read The Woman in Black. Superbly written. You feel like the character while reading. This book is no Dickin tale, There no rattling of chain – just a very creepy old house.

The book got turned into theatre play (much better than that Daniel Radcliffe adaption a few years – rubbish!) and this was where the book was really brought to life. Superb theatre show – even if it did scare me. Oh if you do see the theatre show – watch out for the scream.

So what can I say, I do bloody love a good ghost story. I have selected 6 ghost books for adults.  Settle down with some red wine, find a quiet spot in the house and curl and get engrossed with a good ghost story this Halloween.

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6 Ghost Books for Adults