50 blog posts ideas for when you have writer block
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50 blog post ideas for when you have writer block

It quite comical I’m writing this as I’m a little stuck on ideas at the moment. So here are my 50 blog posts ideas for when you have writer block.

You got to laugh about it but I seem to be having a little bit of writer block today.  I’m sitting here by my keyboard and I have no ideas what to write. It like me brain have gone *poof* It having a day off. Yeah there is nothing worst (ok there are some thing that are worst – but let take this from a blogger perspective) than being in front of a blank screen and having no idea on what to write. Your mind is completely blank and you don’t know where to start – let alone on what to type.

We all get like this every so often, and when you really want to think of an idea – you got nothing but a case of the writer block.

Well my friends, do not worry any more as I have 50 blog posts idea for when you have writer block.

So feel free to print these ideas out and put this on your wall.

  1. Write about yourself
  2. Write about your dog
  3. Write about your cat
  4. Write about your bunny
  5. Write about your favorite animal
  6. Write about that Instagram picture you posted
  7. Write about your favorite number
  8. Write about your fear
  9. Write about your dream
  10. Write about your ideal travel destination
  11. Write about the worst holiday ever
  12. Write about the best holiday ever
  13. Write about your favorite sweets
  14. Write about your favorite foods
  15. Write about nail polish
  16. Write about make-up
  17. Write about your hair
  18. Write a book review
  19. Write a TV-show review
  20. Write about your favorite Youtuber
  21. Write about how to do a youtube video
  22. Write about that picture you took on your phone
  23. Write about chocolate
  24. Write about your bedroom
  25. Write about your office
  26. Write about your garden
  27. Write about your favorite website
  28. Write about a Lush product
  29. Write about a dress from Dorothy Perkins
  30. Write about your favorite dress
  31. Write about your wardrobe
  32. Write about aromatherapy
  33. Write about shoes
  34. Write about your handbag
  35. Write about your hobby
  36. Write a cocktail recipe
  37. Write a cake recipe
  38. Write about something funny
  39. Write a sad story
  40. Write a scary story
  41. Write about a favorite pastime you like doing
  42. Write about your life
  43. Write your pet peeves
  44. Write monthly goals
  45. Write a wishlist
  46. Write about a tip you found useful
  47. Write about your partner
  48. Write about cleaning
  49. Write about your job
  50. Write about you and who you are as a person


And that was my long list of 50 blog post ideas for when you have writer block. I hope it have been of some help to you and if you ever need help – feel free to email me and I’d be more than happy to help you.

50 blog posts ideas for when you have writer block



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