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5 ways to wake up smiling every morning

5 Ways to Wake Up Smiling Every Morning

There nothing worst then waking up on the wrong side of bed. It makes your day miserable. So here are 5 ways to wake up smiling every morning.

Who here often wake up on the wrong side of bed? Yeah I do as well. It just makes your day miserable and sluggish. It also makes you grumpy and often start a chain reaction where everything starts going wrong.

Some people just wake up naturally happy, a ray of sunshine. While other – like me, it takes them a good few hours to get into the swing of thing and it only once I had my morning breakfast, I start to feel happier.

How do some do it? Richard for example is one such person. He always wakes up happy and full of energy. He would bounce out of bed in the morning and be rearing to take on the day. While I be left behind, usually still fast asleep. I always attribute it to the guy just being a naturally happy cheery person. Every day is a new adventure.

While this got me thinking, how I can wake up smiling every morning and be a ray of sunshine like my husband. So here are 5 ways to wake up smiling every morning and it guaranteed to put you always in a good mood.

Get a good night sleep:

Well this is so obvious, it almost isn’t worthwhile writing it. We all heard how a good night sleep recharge the old battery and make you feel alive. So try to prepare the night before and try to relax and let yourself have a good night sleep.

Mediate before bedtime (or in the morning if you have time):

Free your mind and take some slow breath. Spend 5 minutes just relaxing the mind and letting your thoughts just wander. Perhaps use a meditation app to help you.

Don’t have an annoying loud alarm clock:

The kind of alarm clock where it penetrates you right in the soul first thing in the morning. No body need that. Find a calming alarm clock that has a gentle noise. Perhaps use a sunlight alarm instead of something that beeps.

Write a list before bedtime of things you are looking forward the next day:

Never go to bed with the dread feeling, it won’t do you any good. So before you turn off the light and go to sleep. Write a list of things you are looking forward the next day and focus all your energy on that.

Read a joke first thing in the morning:

It doesn’t hurt to have a little joke book on your bedside table, so when you wake up – you will have something to laugh about. Laughing first thing in the morning will improve your mood instantly.

Those were my 5 ways to wake up smiling every morning, do you have any tips to add?

Hello, it’s so lovely for you to join me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna Nuttall living in London and married to my husband, Richard. I worked in retail for ten years before I left and fulfilled my addiction to social media and blogging, where I’m now working as a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and also in digital marketing.

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