5 ways to support the blog you love

There been lots of talk on blogosphere about bloggers not getting enough love from their readers. So I’m going to show you 5 ways to support the blog you love.

It can be a little scary writing for you lot – no really it is. Cause half the time I don’t know if anyone is actually going to read it. Ok so I have my stats and analytic which does tell me when someone does reading something I have written. But apart from that, it does sometime feel like I’m writing in the dark.

I’m not the only way feeling like this as there been lots of chatter on the blogosphere of fellow bloggers feeling like their writing in the dark.

Yeah lots of bloggers are kind of feeling the engagement pinch. It where bloggers putting stuff out – and then not getting anything back, which can kind of sucks as it usually a two-way street.

Now in all honestly I do live for engagement, so I’m feeling this pinch as well. It one of the reason why I love writing online – instant engagement.

So I’m asking – now just for myself but for a lot of bloggers, that readers can stop us feeling like we’re writing in the dark and come support us by engaging with us.

I often view blogging as a two-way conversation. Like I said in the past, I imagined people sitting in a coffee shop talking away when I blog. I always tries to be as open and straight talking as I can be.

So it can be a little dishearten when I’m writing away and then not getting anything back. As I said, it can be scary and often does feel like I’m writing in the dark.

For you to support and to engage with us, here are 5 ways to support the blogs you love.

  • Comments on our blog post. Tell us if you enjoyed that particular blog post, or tell us if you didn’t. Share an antidote and just join in the conversation.
  • Give critique: Tell us through email or on social media what you like or what you hate on the blog. Give us feedback and that way we can learn from our mistake.
  • Give loves on social media. Find us on social media platform such as Instagram or Twitter and engage and show us some love.
  • Give us some links love. If you enjoyed a particular blog post, give it some links love and share it on your social media platforms. Who knows, maybe your followers might also enjoy it.
  • Talk to us. Ok if you don’t want to leave a comment or be on social media. Then please do talk to us. Email us as we can discuss anything privately.

Those were my 5 ways to support the blogs you love. Do you have any to add? Remember engagement is key if you want to keep reading the blog you love. If no one turns on the light, soon enough we will leave the door close.