wallowing in self-pity

The past few months I have been on that downward spirals and have been wallowing in my self-pity. Its something I have been feeling but never knew exactly how to express it or how to put it into words or context. But one day recently, I found myself googling a bunch of phrases and finally came across the exact phrases I was looking for: wallowing in self-pity.

I have never been the most confident woman in the world, I tend to keep to myself, and I do have that constant feeling that I’m not good enough at anything in life. So what do I do – yup I get to sit in a pool of my wallowing self-pity.

Imagine being in the middle of a murky pond where it more mud than water, and you are completely stuck and not able to move. Yes, that how it been like for me. Just me sitting in the middle of this murky pond of my self-pity.

Pretty rubbish isn’t it?

So that why I’m here, to stop walling in my self-pity. Walling in your pool of self-pity in my experiences doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t.

I’m hoping by writing this I finally have the strength to pull myself out this wallowing self-pity pool and get my act together.

Here are 5 ways to stop walling in self-pity and to pull yourself out that murky pool.

Start saying yes and no:

Start learning the difference between yes and no. Learn to say no when people start to put you down and want you to do something that will make you unhappy.  And start to say yes to opportunities that will improve your life and make you happier and healthier. Something I have observed with me wallowing in my self-pity is how it makes you feel weak, and it doesn’t improve your situation. Learn to use your voice and use the command, yes and no correctly.

Sit in the sun:

Scientists have proved that sitting in the sun and soaking up that good ole’ vitamin D helps beat depression and improve your moods. It is also good for improving your energy levels.

Keep a journal or blog:

Mental health experts have proved that writing a journal or a blog every day does improve your moods and keep you more focus in life. This way is an effective way to reprogrammed the brain.


Talk to someone or something. Even if you got no one to talk to, use your voice and speak. Often the voices in your head are different from the voice that speaks out loud.

Find a piece of that rope and pull:

Ok I know I used the murky pond as a way to visualise my self-pity. But now image something like quicksand and you are sinking quite quickly to the bottom. Well, what are you going to do? You only go two options: sink to the bottom or pull yourself out. So my advice would be to find a piece of rope and use all your strength and energy to pull yourself out.

Those were my 5 ways to stop wallowing in self-pity. You know, it took me nearly two months to write this. I simply got too comfortable in that murky pond, which isn’t very healthy. Hopefully, now it all out in the open, I might be able to get back to business and start to feel happier.

What ways do you stop yourself wallowing in self-pity?