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5 ways to create a perfect evening ritual

5 Ways to Create a Perfect Evening Ritual

We are always told on how to create the perfect morning rituals, but what about creating an evening ritual? Here are 5 ways to create a perfect evening ritual.

Magazines columns and blog posts are filled with pieces of advice and tip-bits on how to create the perfect morning rituals. But I find myself asking, hey what if you’re not a morning person and more of an evening kind of girl?

Well, I am anyway, the whole idea of creating morning rituals sound so silly. As it usually involved doing yoga, reading a book or having a long bath. C’mon lets be realistic, who got time for that? And I don’t know about you, but doing yoga or having a long bath is the last thing on my mind. Especially as it takes me all morning to wake up.

I’m very much an evening kind of girl, that’s when my brain is alive and I feel the most productive. It also a period, before bedtime where I can try to relax and calm my body down. Despite my brain often racing at 100 mph.

I also know that soon another day will be over and a new one will be starting. And to get the most of that new day is by setting up a few easy evening rituals. The kind of easy rituals where you will wake up all refresh and happy. You have a spring in your step and a song in your heart (how anyone can have a spring in their step first thing morning I will never know!).

Here are 5 ways to create perfect evening rituals that will make you feel more productive and happier in the morning (if that possible!). These are so easy to do and they should make you appreciate the evening much more.

Turn off the laptop and use pen and paper instead:

I bet you didn’t think I’d be suggesting this, did you? Whenever someone talks about creating evening rituals, it always filled with, ‘turn off all electronic devices and listen to the voices in your head’. Yeah, ok I am saying this, but instead of listening to voices in your head – perhaps take the time to do some handwriting notes. Find a quiet corner and just write down all your ideas or write down on what happened throughout your day. As boring as it sounds, it does lift the weight of your shoulder and can help you start anew. Plus, if you are stuck for an idea you have a whole handwritten notebook of ideas.

Have a nice long shower:

Once you put the kids to bed and the dishes are in the dishwasher, slip away and give yourself a long shower. I don’t know about you, but I love showering in the evening as then you can go to bed all fresh and clean. It also helps to make me feel a little sleepy. I also use a lavender lotion that helps relax my body, ready for bed.

Give yourself a tarot Card Reading:

This is a little bit of fun and it also a way to get an hour of peace in the evening. I like to give myself tarot card reading, no I haven’t gone crazy. In recent time I bought myself some tarot cards and they have been really spookily accurate about what been going on in my life. I believe in your subconscious getting a message from your personal spirit guide (No, I really haven’t gone crazy!) and I have found the tarot cards has helped. If it all a little gipsy for you, don’t be. It often just fun to see what the cards say and to look at the pretty pictures.

Read a book:

See, this has to be in here somewhere didn’t it? But curling up in bed or when you have the place to yourself and have the chance to read a book is pure bliss. Your body can relax and unwind. Your mind is open to imagination and you are drawn into that world in what you are reading. Studied has shown that people who read the last thing before often feel more productive the next day.

Pamper yourself:

If you do decide to have a nice long shower in the evening, then also give yourself a little pampering. Even if all you do is apply night-time cream; that still pampering. The skin heals itself when you are asleep so if you can pamper yourself then you are helping your skin heals. Whenever I give myself an evening pampering I always wake with soft skin.

Those are my 5 ways to create a perfect evening ritual. Let me know if you are going to do any of these.

Hello, it’s so lovely for you to join me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna Nuttall living in London and married to my husband, Richard. I worked in retail for ten years before I left and fulfilled my addiction to social media and blogging, where I’m now working as a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and also in digital marketing.


  • Nice list – I do love a pamper, and it’s a nice reminder to switch of my laptop and mobile!

    25th July 2017
  • We all need to slow down in the evenings although it’s the time when most of us get a lot of stuff done without interruptions!!
    Em x

    25th July 2017
  • Hey Anna!
    Nice tips for us evening people! 😀😀😁

    25th July 2017
  • My perfect evening definitely involves a book – there’s something about reading in bed at night that makes me drop off to sleep so easily!

    25th July 2017
  • I am all about the long showers in the evening. Something transformative about washing off the day and refreshing the mind and body. Great tips!

    25th July 2017
  • Nice post, especially the tarot cards. It’s my favourite, I just don’t do it every night.

    25th July 2017
  • My husband thinks I’m crazy because I prefer to take notes on using a pen and paper instead of my computer or phone. I love my bullet journal and hand written notes and checklists. I will remember things if I write them down, but will forget if I just type them out. I also thinking putting down the phone for at least a half an hour before bed is a great practice. It kind of frees your mind!

    25th July 2017
  • I love taking a hot shower right before I jump in bed. Makes me sleep so well!

    25th July 2017
  • Ronak Shah

    Your tips are great

    25th July 2017
  • Love your ideas and I could do each and every one of them – but not turn the laptop off, sorry 🙂 I enjoy my evening time with it <3

    25th July 2017
  • Nice blog, I prefer angel cards but sometimes like last night the energy from the cards can be a bit stimulating for late at night

    25th July 2017
  • im so bad w being on social media late at night. i need to create a calming ritual! thanks for the tips x

    25th July 2017
  • I love some nighttime pampering. A bath or a shower followed by some lovely lotion and a book sounds divine.

    26th July 2017
  • Shelby

    Reading and pampering are great evening activities! I should try an evening sans laptop…

    26th July 2017
  • nice tips, I’ll follow that cause right now Im needed that one.

    26th July 2017
  • I love to turn off my phone at night. It gives me time to relax and spent time with my family. I will try to put myself into a routine I can do evey night. So I can have something to look forward after a long day at work. I will take some of your idea.

    26th July 2017
  • Hi there,
    I was really looking for a detailed step by step guide to do this because I was really confused about doing this.
    Thanks a lot, buddy.
    Keep posting good stuff. Cheers.

    26th July 2017
  • Great article, Just amazing your writing skill.
    Just loved this one.
    keep up the good work mate.

    26th July 2017
  • I am an evening person all the way. I love those ideas, especially the read a book part and the tarot card reading.

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

    26th July 2017
  • Reading a book is always my go to, obviously! 😉

    26th July 2017
  • Great article! I’ve always been an evening person. Night time is the right time!

    26th July 2017
  • Ah! I need to start doing this. I always seem to have these intentions but get so easily distracted!

    26th July 2017
  • I’ve never done a tarot card reading but that’s now on my list to do!

    28th July 2017
  • I totally agree with you on turning off the laptop and using the pen and paper to write. Inspirations that flows through here are


    1st August 2017
  • Nice tips.. especially turning off all the electronic devices and the pampering yourself part… but I had never imagined that reading tarot cards would be on that list 😉

    7th January 2018

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