5 Unusual Ways to Cool Down Throughout the Summer Heat

When the sun is blaring out at full temperature, it often feels like nothing will cool you down. Here are 5 unusual ways to cool down throughout the summer heat.

I always do this – moan about the summer heat. Every year without fail. At first having a little summer warmth does feel nice and it does make me a little happy; however as soon as the sun start basting out at full temperature – then I’m not a happy bunny.

I’m not sure about anyone else, who feel the same way about me with this ‘summer heat dilemma’, but I have said in the past that I am the goldilocks of the seasons and I don’t really do scrooching hot weather; I’m more of a warm spring breeze kid of girl.

There are people who tell me that I shouldn’t be so grumpy about the summer heat, I should enjoy it and have fun with it.  But then again I kind of feel that those kind of people who say all those things to me don’t really understand why I hate the summer heat.

I hate getting on a packed train during rush hours where the whole carriage just stinks of B.O, or how every morning it seem to affect my senses and I always wake up with a blocked nose. I also hate how frizzy the heat makes my hair and it impossible to calm it down. Then there all the flies, bugs, wasp and insects that just love being round you.

I also hate how I can never seem to properly cool down. I’m always sweating bucket loads and one minute after I had a nice cold glass of water – I’m all hot again.

Which bring me to my point, I might never properly found a solution to cool down, but I have found a way that will make it a little more bearable throughout the summer heat.

These are my tips on what I do and here are 5 unusual ways to cool down throughout the summer heat.

Play with the temperature on the shower:

This is going to sound weird but hear me out; start having a hot shower. I know it sound crazy but then do what I do, slowly start turning the shower temperature down making the water cooler – once you have adjusted with that temperature; turn it down again and then again. So you go from a hot shower to pretty much a cold shower. It’s a strange method but I find it so effective. This cool down your body and once you step out of the shower you will feel refresh.

Sleep with a cold mask on:

I cannot sleep throughout the hot sticky nights without a cold mask on. This basically a gel mask that you keep in the fridge/freezer and once it has cooled down (or the gel has frozen) you put on your face and just lay down with it on. A refreshing way to cool down your head while trying to sleep.

Put a t-shirt or pajamas in the fridge:

It was my friend mum who once told me to do this. In the morning put a t-shirt or pajamas in the fridge, leave it all day and when you take it out the clothes will be all cool. It does work and I always go from hot sweaty mess to goosebumps. It also more effective if you wrap the clothing round an ice pack.

Give your hands and feet a cold wash:

If you don’t have time to have a shower, simple put your hands or feet under cold water and leave it there for 5 minutes. I find this cool down my entire body and my hands always feel refresh. It a simple and quick easy method and it does stop your hand being all sweaty.

Have a cold beauty routine:

Warming beauty products get all the attention from us beauty bloggers – however throughout the summer heat: have a cold beauty routine. These are beauty products that are designed to not only help you with your skincare routine – but also to cool your down. Here is an article to show you what I mean and I will be featuring a few of these beauty products in a future blog post.


And that was my 5 unusual ways to cool down throughout the summer heat.  Let me know if you be doing any of these. Also if you got your own advice or tips – please do share.

  • M
    June 17, 2017

    Intereting! I will use some of your ideas ! Especially a cold shower!

  • Nicole
    June 17, 2017

    Such unique ideas! I am definitely going to try some of these! 🙂

  • Kimberly
    June 17, 2017

    I am ALWAYS hot and sweaty during the summer and I hate it! I love the idea of a cold mask. I am going to give it a try!

  • Nabeeda
    June 17, 2017

    I have recently moved to Mallorca and the heat is too much for me and making it difficult to sleep. So I will be trying out some of these techniques for sure.

  • Tasha
    June 17, 2017

    What great tips! Now that summer is here in full force, and we don’t have AC, I’m going to have to try some of theses out to keep me and the kids cool <3

  • Linda Hobden
    June 17, 2017

    Great tips! I’m not a big lover of the heat either. One year I spotted an aerosol can “cooler” in the pharmacy- whenever you got hot you sprayed the “cooler” onto your face, body etc and you were instantly cooled. It worked a treat. However I haven’t seen it sold since 🙁 My favourite. tip is to put your wrists under a running cold tap – cools you down quickly 😊

  • Tori
    June 17, 2017

    I’m definitely using some of these tips tonight! I cannot sleep in the heat at all…I toss and turn all night.

  • Prisha
    June 17, 2017

    Summer is extremely exhausting. Love the tips you have shared… Will try them for sure

  • Jessica Swanda
    June 18, 2017

    Love the clothes in the fridge idea! Haha! Also, for immediate relief, you can use a cold pack or cold water bottle on the sides of your neck. Learned that from mom, a nurse.

  • Vladimir
    June 18, 2017

    Put a T-shirt in the fridge? I have to try that. Usually I put my head in to cool off.

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5 Unusual Ways to Cool Down Throughout the Summer Heat

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