As I have said before, I’m a twittering idiot as Twitter is one of my favourite social media platforms. I love how the short and punchy status update can grab your attention than any boring Facebook status. Here are 5 Twitter accounts I love to see every day.

I said this before, but I find Facebook statuses so attention seeking, well that is how it has been for me. I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in reading what someone had for breakfast, or perhaps what they day have been like. I’m more interested in reading – what I call entertainment quality content, such as knowing when a TV show is coming back on, or when a singer you like is touring in your area. Most people would call it ‘fluff’ news, but I do think it much more worthwhile reading than someone drama-attention seeking updates. That not to say I don’t also read ‘real’ news; in fact, I find Twitter informative when it comes to knowing what is happening with Brexit.

Anyway, as I check Twitter multiple time a day and I’m never really off it, I thought I would show you 5 Twitter accounts I love to see every day. These Twitter accounts always make me smile and make my day a little brighter. I hope these also make you smile and make your day a little happier.

Nature is Marvelous:

This is filled with animals all sort and sizes doing all kind of amazing things.

Emergency Kittens:

Warning! These are emergency kittens, only to be used in an actual emergency.


With me being the crazy bunny lady, it only predictable I would follow a bunny account.

The Marilyn Diaries:

A profile filled with Marilyn Monroe pictures. An excellent profile to see every morning if you like a little bit of retro Hollywood.

Throwback music:

A video profile filled with retro music videos from the 00 period and 80s. These are all songs you are familiar and will know.


So those were my top 5 Twitter accounts I love to see every day. Do you have any account that you enjoy following to add? If so, feel free to say in the comments.