As I have been explaining various factor on how to do SEO for your blog/website for the past couple of weeks. This week I have 5 tips for SEO success.

For the past couple of weeks, we have been navigating the dark slippery water of SEO. I have explained about domain authority, Google webmaster and Google Analytic. I have also shown you on how to avoid your site being penalize from Google.

This week I thought I would give you 5 tips for SEO Success. I don’t know about you, but sometime all I want is some basic tips which I can put into action straightaway. Often I don’t have time to learn jargons and complicated system. This is especially true if you are beginners and just want to learn the basic – before getting into anything more complicated.

Here are what I consider 5 tips for SEO success. They could very well work for your blog/website – or they might not. However, I hope these tips are very useful for you.

Be Involved:

Don’t just idly sit there and watch your SEO go by. SEO success only works when you are involved. This mean, keep keywords researching, updating your blog/website and analyze your organic traffic trends. By being involved, you will see a big boost with new visitors to the blog/site.

Use Yoast Plugins throughout your site:

So often people only use the Yoast plugins on their blog post. But my advice is not to neglect it on the rest of your blog/site. So use the Yoast plugins traffic lights system throughout the site. Yes, even on Categories, tags and pages. Everywhere. You will once again see a boast as it helps the Google bots crawling through your site and find what they are looking for, especially when indexing your site on SERP (search engine result page).

Keep an eye out for Google Updates:

I’m not sure how often Google does it updates, as it often feel like all the time and it doesn’t end. What this mean is, what one method could work amazingly one moment – the next it completely doesn’t due to Google updates. So always keep an eye out for it. You can do this by reading various SEO blogs. The best one is: Search Engine Journal.

Get worthwhile Backlinks:

I hasn’t really explained backlinks on here yet, don’t worry I will do. But backlinks are links to your site on a different site. If done well, you will get new visitors and help push up your blog/website ranking. You often get backlinks if another blogger or web owner links to your site by talking about you. Or Through guest posting – those lately Google has kind of back listed guest posting. Getting backlinks is a worthwhile method to SEO success.

Analyze and Report:

Every day (or maybe not every day if you don’t have the time, but whenever you are free) take a look at your blog/website stats and analyze them. Look at them and work out what is working and what isn’t. What might be helpful is to write a monthly SEO report detailing your stats and how it has gone over the past months. You can analyze your stats by looking your Google analytic and website console. Hopefully then you will get a clearer pictures and give you a firmer idea on how to achieve SEO success.


Those were my 5 tips for SEO Success. Do you have any to add?

5 Tips for SEO Success