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5 Things Which I Suck At

by Anna Nuttall

Some people can go through life and boast they are good at everything, well guess what I’m not like that. Here are 5 things which I suck at.

It true though isn’t it? How you hear people boasting how they go through life and be good at everything. They always the first to raise their hand and tell people within ears distance how amazing they are at this – and this.

Well, you know what I think about those people who boast the most and often the loudest? I think they just hiding their insecurity and don’t want to admit loudly that they suck at certain things.

At school we were taught they were two kinds of people – the one who can and the one who can’t. An example is someone who can roll their tongue while those who can’t.  I say this as there are people who don’t like to belong to the ‘can’t’ camp and doesn’t like to admit defeat.

Ladies and gentlemen, well guess what? I firmly belong with a lot of thing in the ‘can’t’ camp and honestly, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m proud to be someone who can’t do certain things and suck at it.

Here are 5 things which I suck at. I know I suck at these things and I can have a good laugh about it. Me being rubbish at something is what make me – me. I’m not someone who likes to be perfect if I fall down I will laugh about it. Here a toast to the ‘can’t camp and things we suck at.

Making Pancake:

I can cook a beef goulash, a nice chicken stew and even some fairy cakes. But for some reason, I suck at making a pancake. It not the mixture the problem, the problem is when I try to cook it in the pan. I tend to get the mixture everywhere, and when it is in the pan I either overcook it or it a runny mess. It has become a little bit of running joke between my husband and I and I often get him to be the one making a pancake. So there you go I suck at making a pancake.

Growing plants:

I do not have green fingers. Never have and never will. Every single plant that I buy all just died on me the moment I get home. Which is kind of sad really? I’m truly am a gardener worst nightmare.


Never been a particularly sporty person. I was always last in a race or sucks so badly that I was the ‘reserved’ team player (the one who sits on the bench the whole time!). I did use to get told off for hitting the hockey stick too hard.


This seems almost silly to write this as I never got a driver license, but I suck at driving – so much so that I don’t drive. I did start to learn but I got really bad anxiety every time I went into the driver seat that I cancelled learning and decided to forgo it.


Something I should be embarrassed about, but trustfully I’m not. I can swim – just not very well and often need a float to help me. I also only prefer a pool that isn’t ‘fun’ pool (you know like wave pool) and if my feet can touch the bottom. I just never been confident in the water.

That my list of 5 things which I suck at. Feel free to write in the comment you own list of things you suck at.

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Flora_the_Sweaterist 31st May 2018 - 7:00 am

Hear, hear! I can truly relate to your list. Although I can make pancakes (and that’s basically all I can do well in the kitchen), but I even managed to kill the cat grass I was growing for my indoor kitty, I suck at sports, I have a licence but god save everyone from my driving (I passed the exam and have never driven a car ever since, 5 years I believe…) and I just can’t swim. I feel so nervous in the water that it makes me sink.

Anna Nuttall 31st May 2018 - 8:50 am

I’m the same with water, i can swim – but as long as it not a ‘fun’ pool (you know, one that has wave machine) and my feet can reach the bottom. I also still sometime use a float to help me swim. If it make you feel better, my dad can’t swim either.

Beth 31st May 2018 - 12:34 pm

I’m bad at 3 of those things. (I can swim and drive fairly well, actually.) I feel you! 🙂


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