The heatwave has fried my brain like a boiled egg, so let skip the intro and go straight into it. Here are the 5 things that making me happy this week (July 2018).

Overcoming my fear of bees and wasp

We visited a lavender field this week, it has been on my list of places to visit for a while. So I’m glad I was finally able to tick that off. I will be going more into the lavender field on another post. But If you get anxious over wasp and bees, then I don’t recommend you to visit (especially if you have small children). However, saying that, I do get over anxious with anything that buzzes around (just ask anyone who know me). But throughout my time there, I had to keep telling myself, ‘bees are our friend, not the enemy’, and I did cope pretty well. It still unnerving but overall I like to think I have overcome my fear of bees and wasp.

Cold shower and ice cubes

This heatwave people, this heatwave! I’m not going to start complaining but oh my god – I cannot cope. Sitting at my desk is like being inside an oven and I had to keep moving around. All I can say is, thank god for cold shower and ice cubes. It has been the only things that have been cooling me down. While also keeping me sane.

My DA going up 5 points

This might sound silly to anyone who doesn’t care about website or blogging stats. But I’m so happy my DA (domain authority) has gone up by 5 points! That’s a pretty big jump and I think it all boiled down to when I transfer my site to https. I did hear it would be good for your SEO, but I didn’t think I would see the result so quickly. Such a worthwhile thing to do – transferring your site to https.

If you’re wondering how to go about transferring to https – just contact your host and they will take off the rest.

Binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale season 2

I might be late to the party, but better be later then not arrive at all. Oh my god! I cannot stop watching this. Yeah, it a depressing story and yes it does contain ‘rape’, but as I said in a previous post – it very watered down and it isn’t really shown. I want season 3 now!

Diet Pepsi and Coconut Rum

This drink might be my new favourite cocktail and it could very well replace my beloved Pina Colada (dun dun dun). But honestly making homemade Pina Colada is a pain in the neck. I can never find anywhere that sells pineapple juice or coconut cream. So this is why Diet Pepsi and coconut rum drink is my favourite drink as it isn’t a hassle to buy. This is so refreshing and so nice to drink on a hot summer day.


There we go, I’m currently melting so I will end by asking you what been making you happy this week?