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5 Things That Made Me Happy Recently

by Anna Nuttall

It always nice to look back at recent events and see what made you smile. So here are my 5 things that made me happy recently.

You know that feeling when you have a spring in your step and this song is playing in your head like a repeated jukebox.

Well that have been me lately, when you just do a skip, hop and a dance all over the place. Almost like Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain.

So what have put me in a good mood lately, cause believe you me – there have been black thundercloud foaming over the past couples of months.

Well…. let me tell you 5 things that made me happy recently:

Joining English Heritage:

I finally joined English Heritage, been wanting to do it for a while and it was a toss-up between the English Heritage or National Trust. But ultimately, I chose English Heritage as they have more castles and also move events. Plus, also from whispers on blogging groups, National Trust aren’t so keen on working with bloggers. But they could be here-say.  This mean I now pay a monthly subscription (£8 a month) and I can go to any castles in the UK for free. Not a bad deal.

Spring is here:

No colder weather, no more snow, no gloomier weather and also more importantly (sorry dad) no gloomier weather report from my dad every morning. It makes me so happy I can finally enjoy spring and can go out to places without worrying about the weather.

Upgrading to the Canon 6d:

Oh yeah baby, I recently upgraded my camera from Canon 600d – to Canon 6d. Look at me now flowing with the pros. I strike up a very important deal with my husband and I get to use his Canon 6d camera. Loving the quality of photos, I have taken using the Cano 6d and it so nice to finally use a full-frame camera.


Recently my strength training nut husband been training on deadlifts and I’m so far enjoying it. I feel it strengthen up my back and helping with my overall fitness. Go me!

Got plenty of spring clothes to wear:

Which I cannot wait to show you – which I will do over the coming weeks. I brought so much clothes recently, that I’m now on a healthy shopping ban. My wardrobe now can’t fit any more clothes!

So that were my 5 things that made me happy recently. Please do tell if you have been in the same mood and feeling happy recently.

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silvia 9th April 2018 - 1:10 pm

Congrats on getting a new camera! I know hoe important it can be, and how thrilling it is to get to see your pictures turn out just like you had envisioned them! Enjoy 🙂

Karen - Kupon Girl 11th April 2018 - 5:18 pm

I am so looking forward to no more snow! Actually, there were snow showers yesterday am- It was crazy to say the least! A lot of peeps were posting their snow videos (USA) on Facebook! I’m looking forward to 72 degrees (warm) for Saturday and also 75-80 warmer on Friday!

Lucy 20th July 2018 - 9:41 pm

Aww I love this post!
It is always good to take a step back remember all the things that make you happy!
I have a habit of being sad or going to the dark places, which is frustrating because I don’t want to be there.
Im like you I love the hot weather and hitting the PB in the gym is ALWAYS a good confidence boost! Go you!

Lucy |styleirregular.com


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