No need to be angry or glum. Look on the bright side of life. So here 5 things that have me smile recently.

Ok I was going to do a ‘what made me angry recently’ post, cause trust me I have been quite an irritated angry bird. If it isn’t waking up with back problem first thing in the morning, to being woken up by damn pigeons. On top of that, I have put on weight – instead of losing and my external hard drive decided not to work anymore. Which comes hot on the heel of my computer being a little funny. So yeah lots of first world problem folks. Cry me a river.

But I won’t be crying a river. Far from it. I will instead take a deep breath and think about the 5 things that have made me smile recently. Cause after all, it way better to always look on the bright side of life. There’s no need to be angry or glum. It not going to solve anything. So – be like me and turn that frown upside down.

Ahem. Anyway, let me tell you the 5 things that have made me smile recently.

England World Cup:

I don’t care for football. Never have and quite frankly never will. For that I have no intention to watch the World Cup. But quickly frankly, from the cheers, the whistling and quite frankly the drunken responses I can hear from my neighbours I could very well be at a football match.

And you know what, just hearing the roar from people – is making me smile. Also it has been hilarious to read the responses on Twitter. As I write this, it England vs. Columbia and we have just won and latterly everyone on the street is singing ‘it coming home, football coming home’. It just feels a really nice energy. Even a die-hard non-football fan like Richard is joining in – and when that happen, you know you on to something good.

One Long Heatwave:

So far this summer, it has been one long heatwave. Endless days of sunshine. And you know what? Even a summer moaner like me have been enjoying it. It just feels so nice to have heat on your skin and to wear some summer clothes.

Though I am looking forward to the thunderstorm when it happens.

Long Days Out with Richard:

Which does bring me to this point. This one long heatwave does mean I’m having long days out with Richard. It just been so nice to lie on the grass, look at the blue sky and not let anything worry you. It has been nice to go to an English Heritage site and explore new places.

Dove Summer Revived Body Lotions:

Since I reviewed Dove Summer Revived Body lotions, I have been using it a lot as it really does give me a summer glow. Another thing I really like is, it doesn’t make my skin sticky and instead just make it soft and smooth.

Listening to Abba:

Ok feel free to laugh at me. But I recently stumbled across Abba Gold Greatest Hits on Spotify and it just make me fall in love with Abba all over again. I also been watching Mama Mia on Netflix, just so I can sing along to the songs. Why can’t people make music like that anymore? Something that danceable and always will put you in a good mood.  Oh to top it off, my niece is now a converted Abba fan and keep singing along to the songs. Love it.

Right I’m going to leave it there. Feel free to share on things have made you smile recently.