We all have a bucket list of things we want to do or places we want to see. So I thought I would share 5 things that are on my bucket list.

I find myself keeping repeating this phrase, ‘oh I’m so going to put that on my bucket list’, it has become a habit of mine where I would found myself saying, ‘oh I want to do this and this and that’.

But I think everyone at some point does it and start planning a long bucket list where they want to experience as much as possible and just don’t want to miss out on anything.

Well, I’m like that, if you haven’t figure out already. My bucket list is very long. The problem is I keep adding to it and now I’m worried that I won’t be able to tick everything off the list.

But why write a bucket list if you worried that you won’t get to tick everything off? Well – YOLO or more accurately you only live once. It true those aren’t it, you do indeed only live once. So why waste it?

Ok so I might not tick everything off my bucket list, but I still want to experience the YOLO life and the last thing I want to do is waste it.

So here are 5 things that are on my bucket list that would be a dream experience and the thing I would want to tick off the most.

Go to the Maldives:

Yeah, I keep saying this but I would just love to visit the Maldives. Beautiful clear blue sea, amazing luxury villa, golden sandy beach and so I’ve been told –  paradise on earth. What more reasons? Everyone keeps saying I’d be bored, but I wouldn’t, it would be amazing to see the Indian ocean and to experience Pina Colada while watching a beautiful sunset.

Travel all over Japan:

Ideally, I would love to travel all over Asia, but I’m narrowing it down to Japan as it would still be amazing. See the cherry blossom, walk all over Tokyo, ride the bullet train, wear a kimono, and more importantly, visit the bunny island. Everyone I know who have visited Japan has said there nothing on earth quite like it, so I would love to see if that true for myself.

Go Tornado chasing:

From a safe distance, I like to add. Been obsessed with tornado since a little girl and it is my dream to see a real tornado with my own eyes. Anyone who knows me – knows I’m crazy for extreme weather and you can’t get more extreme than a tornado.

See the Northern Lights:

We did plan on seeing the northern lights on our last Europe trip, but we ran out of money and couldn’t go further north of Norway, which sucks. But we both promise that one day we would see the northern lights, where it would be just spectacular to experience with our own eyes.

Go Ghost Hunting in a famous location:

Ok, this might scare the living daylight out of me, but I love anything paranormal or slightly strange. So I have to add ghost hunting in a famous location, whether that is Winchester house or an old abbey in Ireland. I have to be in a group and my husband would hold my hand the whole time. I would love to take part in a real séance, but won’t do the Ouija board.

Ok so that was my 5 things that are on my bucket list, do you have anything to add? What is on your bucket list?

5 things that are on my bucket list