With more and more people switching from traditional employment to self-employment where they planned to be a full-time blogger. I thought I would show you the 5 things I have learnt from being a full-time blogger.

I have been a full-time blogger for about two years now and my god, times do fly when having fun. Next year will be my 5 years’ anniversary on being self-employed. Seriously, where has the time gone?

The one thing I have noticed in those two years – is how many people are now packing in traditional employment to go full-time blogging.

First off, anyone who does that – hat off to you and let me raise a toast. And secondly, why is that?

I think the answer is quite simple: Stress. More and more people don’t want the stress of traditional employment. Stress can F@$! you up and can cause all kind of personal problem. So it isn’t a big surprise that people are going full-time blogging.

So I thought I would show you all the 5 things I have learnt from being a full-time blogger and hopefully, it will help you.

When you are feeling less confident – fight through it

That has been me this year, just not feeling very confident with myself. Hence why I been hiding behind the camera a lot more this year. Lots of offline issues this year (which I’ve discussed here) and because of that, my confidence took a downward turn.

When It happened, I found the best cause of action is to fight through it. Keep going and don’t stop. My thinking is that, if you stop – then it be harder to pick up and it can mess with your head. So when you’re not feeling very confident with the blog or with yourself, tell yourself to push through it and to find something that you are comfortable with.

The best idea comes from open world RPG

Sometime in the evening when I’m playing some RPG game on the PlayStation, is when I get my best idea. When I’m roaming a digital countryside on horseback killing a troll or perhaps shooting a zombie, really does wonder with my clearing my head out. In all seriousness, when I’m doing an activity that doesn’t require much thinking or allow my mind to wander; that is when I’d get all inspired and have a thousand ideas where I need to write it all down.

Your everyday items suddenly become blogging material

Got a toothbrush or shampoo that you have to write about? Well, its perfect blogging material now. I have found that my everyday items can be a time the best things to show off. Sometimes I wander around the home and find myself wanting to write or photograph everything. I have shown you in the past my beauty cupboard, trust me – its filled with tons of everyday beauty items. I’m never short of blogging materials.

People forget about timezone

The amount of time I would look at my emails in the morning and have about ten angry emails on why I’m not answering them. Umm, because I was sleeping. I have found that time zone seems to go out of the window and people expect you to work to their time. I think people need to look at a blog, find out where they are in the world and work out the correct time zone before getting angry when I’m not replying straight away.

You will find your crew

I have found with full-time blogging that you are never really on your own. You will always find your crew.  Someone online who is as crazy as you are. If you join various blogging communities or start talking on Twitter, then you can find people like you – who are in the same situation as you and you’re never alone. Eventually, you will build your communities and have your little hub online.

Those were the 5 things I have learnt from being a full-time blogger. Let me know in the comments if you got any of your tips to share.