I would say that I’m a pretty positive person. At least I think I am. I try and not let stressful situations bother me too much and it’s only on a rare occasion that I will feel really down in the dumps. I’ve been living my life in a more positive way over the past year due to me no longer working in a stressful environment. With that said I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips on to stay positive so you can be happy in everything you do.

Start your day on a happy note

Wake up and just be grateful for a new day, there is no need to not to a grumpy morning into a good one. Start the day on a high note, your happiness and confidence just naturally follows suit. I like to take my time in the morning. If that means waking up a little earlier to read some blog posts or just spending a little extra time putting on make-up, Just do it! And also tell yourself that it’s going to be a brilliant day.

Spend more time with people who make you happy

You might have heard that being around negative people is bound to influence your mood. This is completely true as hanging around negative people will only cause you to feel negative in some way as well. The worst things you can do is feed into someone else’s negativity. Instead my advice would be to, try to limit your time with these types of people and don’t take their burdens onto your own shoulders. On the other hand happy people, lift your spirits and bring so much joy to your life. Think about the types of people you want to surround yourself with and if you can, make adjustments to your circle of friends *, it will benefit your own mental health.

(* I’m not say by the way, you need to stop being friends with the negative people. Just perhaps make them aware and if they are beyond help – their nothing you can do so move on. I’d been there.)

If something bothers you, deal with it

Something my mum use to say to me when I was younger, dwelling on something only extends the course of negative thinking. If something comes up that puts you in bad spirits,  dealing with a situation and move on to something that make you happy. I  “stay in the present moment” is the best phrase to remember.

Don’t get wrapped up in other people’s problems/drama

Other people will always have their problems and drams. They appreciate a shoulder to cry on or perhaps a comment on their Facebook status, but the key thing to remember here is to not let those problems/drama become a part of your own life. Do whatever you can to help out a friend, but taking on their own issues will only transfer some of that negativity to your own life. Remember that it will work out in the end and that for the mean time you can support them, but try not to let their emotions or problems affect your own life or way of living.

Sleep more

There have been study showing how sleeping has a direct impact on how we operate through out the day. Getting the recommended amount of sleep will not only aid in your mental health but would make you less grumpy in the morning and your energy will also be improved; allowing you to go about your day with a bounce in your step.