5 simple ways to happier days

I’m sure there are days when nothing is going right and you just want to scream.  Well here are 5 simple ways to happier days, so you always will have a smile on your face.

I totally get it, there are days when you wake up and you’re a bear with a sore head. Nothing it seems is going your way and you feel the whole world is against you. So often having a happy day is just not going to happen. Not in this universe or the next.

And when you feel like crying and you just want to scream at the universe, now is the time not to become a big bad Hulk. No really, it isn’t. Losing your temper doesn’t help.

So how do you stop yourself turning into a big green monster? Well, I’m here to show you 5 simple ways to happier days, so you will always have a smile on your face. Yes, even when you feel like the Hulk.

The first task is to smile:

Smiling is probably the least likely thing you want to do when angry. But even though the tears and pain, you still have that ability to smile.

Here is an example:

I just moved out of my parents’ home where Richard and I finally had our own place. But doughnut me, one day forgot my keys so guessed who got locked out?  To make the matter a little funnier, Richard was away on business at the time so I wasn’t able to get back in anyway. I thought the simple solution was to walk to my parents’ house, a 25 minutes’ walk. No big dilemma, but like I said, Doughnut me not only forgot my keys – but also an umbrella. Yes, it started to rain. So I had to walk to my parents’ house in the pouring rain looking like a twat who didn’t think to bring an umbrella. I got to my parents, they dried me off and let me stay at their house. I sent a text to Richard to tell him what a doughnut I am, he replied back with a silly emoji and that just cracked me up. For the first time that day, I was able to smile.

Exercise a little bit every day:

Now, I know there are people who live busy lives and the thoughts of exercise just don’t fit in with their plan. But seriously, you really do get endorphins from exercise. Happy hormones that will make you well – happy. It a feel-good party for the brain and there no wine involved. Just do a brief 5 minutes or perhaps take the stairs every morning, instead of the elevator.

Be surrounded by positive people:

I’m sure you heard how certain people can influence your mood? Well, when feeling green and mad – try instead by being surrounded by positive people.  This really will not only influence your mood – but will change your outlook on life. Trust me, do you really want to be surrounded by someone who has a storm cloud over their head all day long? Or would you prefer, someone who can make you laugh and give you a happier outlook on life?

Drink water:

I know I said in the past, that water is good for getting rid of bad toxin and help cleanse your body. Well, water also helps cleanse your soul and help get rid of bad mood toxin. Additionally, don’t try to have any soda or alcohol, just try and have a glass of water and you will feel happier.

Have me time:

Much like the exercise idea, sometimes we live so fast and so busy; that having me time is impossible. Well, it doesn’t have to be. No really, it doesn’t. Having me time can mean having a few second on the loo or perhaps while driving. Me time can happen anywhere and at any time. When on the loo, look at an app that makes you smile, or while driving put on your favourite radio station. It is possible to have me time.

Those were my 5 simple ways to happier days. Will you be turning into a Hulk today?