You know how I was saying at the start of 2017 about being amazing? Well I personally believe that to be amazing – you need to be happy. Here are 5 simple steps to take on being a happier person.

There is saying people always keep repeating, ‘’ happiness happens within’’. I always used to find myself rolling my eyes and shrugging it off. It’s a saying I often would argue that happiness doesn’t happen within – you have to make it.

Is there one thing I learnt from an early age – nothing will change unless you make it so. I also learnt another life lesson – no one really gives a crap about you. Harsh I know, but it true when you really think about it. Ok sure your close friends and family might give a crap about you – but no one else will. That colleague who is giving you a hard task to do doesn’t care that you got your monthly cycle and feeling hormonal or that bitch spreading false rumor about you. I learnt that a majority of people are so wrapped up in their life, they don’t go out of their way to make you feel good or happy.

Ok that might be something I have experience and it might be different to you. But from a young age I had teachers, friends, class mates who couldn’t give a toss about me. For the majority of my teen years I was depressed and unhappy. It was only when I met Richard that I learnt to be a happier person.

So overall I don’t believe happiness within, I do believe however that there is way we all can take on being happy. You know where you’re smiling ears to ears and feel joy and energetic.

Here are 5 simple steps to take on being a happier person today. It very simple tips and hopefully you will notice the different today.

Tips 1

Just remember you’re responsible for your own happiness. You are in control with your life and remember you only live once. It true those and you know how I was saying how nothing will change unless you make it so? Well that is also completely true and you do have a choice – either stay where you and be miserable or take two steps forward and move on. If you hate a job, change it? Hate that bitch at uni – speak to her or speak to someone about it. Staying in a situation will only sucks and make you unhappier.

Tips 2

Don’t go to bed in a bad mood. Yeah it doesn’t do wonder for your beauty sleep, trust me on this. You will still feel awful in the morning. Also don’t go to bed after having an argument – that never solved anything. My advice is to listen to music or resolve the fight before turning off the bedroom light. De-stress your brain and body and think of happy thoughts, something that made you laugh or smile.

5 simple steps to take on being a happier person

Tips 3

Karma. Have you ever seen the TV series, my name is Earl? If you haven’t – you need to watch it! Basically it about a guy who find karma and start a list off all the bad things he done and how he putting it to right. Some might say karma is a bitch, but really when you look at it – it only giving you back on what you put out in the first place. If you do good things – good thing will come back. Go around and help people, go be that patience person who will help someone with their homework. Trust me you will feel good and you will feel happier.

Tips 4

Be your own person. I’m sure I’ve told you this story before but I will repeat it. When I was young I wanted to be a journalist – I pretty much imagine a Lois lane and superman scenario. I was talking to a teacher and she took me aside and very firmly (while point her finger at me) told me that I would never ever in a million years be a journalist. That have always stayed with me and I will admit that did upset me. I also revolved to prove her wrong – and 6 years later I went on and study fashion journalism and while I might not be a top notch journalist with my own superman. I’m still writing and I’m still telling my story.

Ok the moral of that story is while people tell you can’t be one thing – prove them wrong and be your own person. No one has the right to tell you can’t – yes you can and you can be anything you want in life.

Tips 5

De-stress your soul. You’re never going to be happy if you are constantly uptight and ridged. Healthy mind equal a healthy soul.  If you are unhappy with something – do some exercise or go for walk. Do some relaxing breathing exercise and learn a new hobby? Being stressed does nothing good for your health or your mood. What you rather be – angry or happy? Personally I know which I would choose.


So those are my 5 simple steps to take on being a happier person, do you have anything to add?