5 self-care practices during this coronavirus pandemic
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5 Self Care Practices During This Coronavirus Pandemic

by Anna Nuttall

Well, the world is a scary place right now with this pandemic and what was once a bright, hopeful year now look bleak and dull.

There was one commentator on Twitter I read over the past week, the one thing is sure – the world will never be the same. Which, while I agree with her sentiment, it just brings up all kind anxiety. Which I’m sure I how everyone is feeling right now.

The general advice is to self-isolate and to keep a check of your hygiene till a solution is presented. And while I know all thing right now look gloomy and just bleak – look on the bright side and being at home more mean more chance to do some little self-care acts that you never get time for.

Ok, I know it lame and looking on the bright side is the last thing you want to do right now. But that all you do right now, look on the bright side. I’m trying to keep my anxiety in check at the moment, and I’m looking on the bright side, or otherwise, it will drive me mad; I feel if I’m optimistic, then I’m not giving in to the fear and I’m not letting my anxiety wearing me down.

As I was saying, this self-isolation let you have the time to self-care and do a little TLC; So here are my 5-self-care practices during this Coronavirus pandemic.


I know most people hate the thought of mediate but use this time while self-isolation to take up the practice. There are plenty of apps and podcast to help you get into it. You will feel calmer after doing it.

Mute your phone 

Since this pandemic started my phone has been going berserk with tons of notification from news apps. I decided to mute my phone permanently and deleted the news apps – it wasn’t helping my anxiety, and I’m so much better for me.

Stay off social media

This doesn’t need to be said, but I’m still going to say it – especially if your anxiety is extra heightened right now. There is a lot of misinformation right now and getting facts is not always accurate. Switch off from social media and clear your head.

Occupy your mind with something positive

Have the time to be reading a book, watching a film/series on Netflix or by taking the time to do your hobbies. When your mind is busy, you wouldn’t be so worried about the pandemic anymore. It will put a smile on your face.

Pamper yourself

Create a fun spa environment at home and pamper yourself. Run a bath, do a face mask or perhaps give yourself a top to toes beauty pampering. Something that makes you feel good about yourself.


Those were my 5 self-care practices during this coronavirus pandemic. While I know my tips wouldn’t be applied to everyone – I’m hoping it has made you look at the situation differently and see that everything doesn’t have to look bleak.

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