Still going through memory lane, and reminiscing my last Europe trip. After visiting Paris, we sent 3-4 days in Switzerland. Here are 5 reasons why to visit Switzerland.

So our journey began in Paris where in a single day, we walked all-round the Louvre, walked to the Eiffel tower and got up close to it. And we also caught a train from Paris to Lyon to Geneva Switzerland. I do remember my feet killed me at the end of the day. It was an incredibly long day and by the end of it, my feet were on fire.

Switzerland was absolutely breath-taking beautiful. Everywhere we look, everywhere we turned, we both were in awe. From Geneva, we took a train to a tiny village, Brig which was in the Swiss alps.

Because we both were in awe of our surroundings and wanted to see more of the alps. We took a special train journey: The Glacier Express. This is a 6-7 hours’ journey right in the heart of the mountain. What also makes this training special, is the complete glass panoramic view. You could see over you, to the left, to the right. There was nothing to obstruct your view.

So we took the glacier express from Brig and took it all the way, St Moritz. Yes, the famous skiing destination. But we didn’t come to ski. We both just wanted to take in the view.

St Moritz is the highest destination in the whole of Europe. And my god it was cold! Even in summer, we felt like walking ice-cube. We were completely unprepared for cold/winter weather.

We stayed the night and hop back onto the Glacier Express to a town onto the border of Switzerland. And then hopped onto another train to Austria.

I really would love to go back to Switzerland. We both adore our time travelling around there. If you want a beautiful destination to visit, I highly recommend Switzerland.

Here are 5 reasons why to visit Switzerland.

A mixture of French & German Language

On one side of Switzerland, near the border of France, everyone speaks French. Yet once we got over half-way, it switched to German.  So it a Multilanguage country and gives you a chance to practice your Germans and French.

It’s very peaceful

We both found Switzerland to be very peaceful. We never heard the sound of heavy traffic or any loud club music, it was all very quiet and silence. I’m sure it not like that in big towns. But even in Geneva, there was very little noise.

A very cool shopping destination

If you like your shops on the designer side, with Gucci, Chanel and Dior. Then don’t worry, you can still go shopping. We pleasantly found Geneva was a nice little place to go shopping. Expensive! For us mere mortal, we have to do with window shopping.

 Perfect Training Ground

We found out while at St Moritz that the area (apart from being a skiing resort), is also used for Olympic training; as they have a HUGE sporting track ground. This was where people would train for the Olympic. It to do with how high St Moritz is and how little oxygen there is. Good for the lungs, so I’m told.

Take the train anywhere

The one thing we found so convenient and easy is hopping onto any train whenever we want to. We had no plan, no final destination, just go where the heart takes us. If you are worried about travelling by train and worried about meeting stranger – don’t be as everyone is friendly and can speak English.

Those were my 5 reasons why to visit Switzerland. I hope I have persuaded you to visit. If you do end up booking to go, can I hide in your suitcase?

 5 reasons why to visit Switzerland

 5 reasons why to visit Switzerland

5 reasons why to visit Switzerland