5 Reasons Why I’m Phoebe from Friends

I’m currently re-watching Friends on Netflix and I’m finding myself really identifying with the character, Phoebe. Here are 5 reasons why I’m Phoebe from Friends.

Now I remember Friends from the first time around, yes back in the 90s. I remember finishing school for the week and Friday was both Buffy the Vampire slayer and Friends night. I would hastily eat my dinner and do my homework (like a good girl!) and retreat to my parents’ bedroom so I can watch all my shows in peace.

Those were the day. It was my highlight of the week, having Friday TV night. On Monday everyone then would discuss (well more like gossiping) on what happen on Friends that specific night episode.

Friends was everywhere, throughout the 90s as it really was a global phenomenon. All the boys had a crush on Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), I would tease my mum and say she is Monica in real life. I always thought it would be fun to date Joey. There was the Rachel hair, smelly cat and of course Central Perk which I thought was a real place.

Friends and also Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I like to say define my 90s TV. There’s also The X-Files but that use to give me nightmare and my parents said I wouldn’t allow to watch it.

What I’m getting at is, I grew up watching Friends and I had a lot of fun watching it. Once the show finished in 2004 and UK TV stopped showing it, I soon forgot about Friends. Ok not completely, but I couldn’t watch Friends as for a long time It was only available on Comedy Central and I didn’t have access to the channel.

So I was properly excited when I discover Friends was coming onto Netflix. Now I can binge watch to my heart content.

Now seeing it with older eyes and watching the show from a grown-up perspective. I really do identify myself as Phoebe. Yes, the character Phoebe. Now before you think I’m crazy, here me out.

Oh another crazy thing is; I see a lot of Chandler in my husband. A lot of characteristic in Chandler is basically like my husband. Such as doing sweet things for me, making me laugh all the time and at time being awkward as hell.

Anyway, back to me. Here are 5 reasons why I’m Phoebe Frim Friends.

I Make Up Songs.

No really I do. Ok I don’t do it on guitar but like Smelly Cat is Phoebe signature song. I made up a song and it my own signature song. It called ‘Bored’, ‘’I’m bored, I’m’ bored, really really bored, you see it, you hear it, I’m bored.’’ Laugh all you like it, but It in the style of Michael Jackson Bad song. Now the song make sense, and needless to say I only sing (to myself) when I’m actually bored.

Still Young at Heart.

Unlike Phoebe, I did have pretty much a normal childhood and I never had to live on the street or be a thug to anyone. But we are both young at heart. Sometime naïve and innocent with life.

Into New Age and Aromatherapy.

One thing we do have in common, both into new age spirituality and aromatherapy. Throughout the show Phoebe is always talking about cleaning aura and see a psychic reader. That is so me – I give myself tarot reading every morning and have crystals on my office desk. I also really love aromatherapy and using essential oil and would love to work in that field.


I think it safe to say we both optimistic and like to see life looking at the good, no matter how bad it seems. We both believe that there always something out there that will be amazing.

Animal Lover:

We both animal lover. Ok she is a vegetarian and that how she is more of an animal lover then I am. But we both care about the wellbeing on animals and always try to help a poor creature in need.


Now do you see it? I’m totally Phoebe from Friends. Which character from Friends do you identify with?

What do you think?

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