5 Reasons Why I Wanted to Be an Influencer

I was thinking about this the other day, ‘Why the hell do I want to be an influencer?’ Well after some thinking, here are my reasons on why I wanted to be an influencer.

Why the hell do I do all this? Why do I sit here on my computer and type? Why is my brain filled continuously with ideas? These are all questions I have asked myself repeatedly. It was only recently I came to an answer, a conclusion that has been puzzling me for a while. So, here are my answers to those questions and the reasons why I wanted to be an influencer.

There no one breathing down my neck.

That a big reason if you ask me. I hate the feeling with a deep passion of something breathing down my neck. Someone who continuously look over your shoulders and critique everything you do – even when you have done it right. The feeling of having someone breathing down on your neck is such a horrible feeling and a sure way to make someone uncomfortable.

why I wanted to be an influencer.

Gives me the freedom to learn about different brands and industry.

Back in my digital marketing day, I use to think it was a good idea to only work with one brand, as then you can learn about them in-depth and build a more substantial relationship. But I have learnt that life is too short for that. I want to learn about everything, and I want to learn about different brands and industry. I would love to build a network of stable relationships.

I can beat to the sound of my own drum.

 I can do what I want – when I want to. I’m not beating to the sound of anyone else drum, just my own. I am also not behaving in a way people expect me to act – I’m letting myself be me.

I can photograph and write what I want.

I’m allowing myself to let my imagination run wild as I can photography or write whatever the hell I want! I can build a portfolio of pretty pictures and positive words.


Now, this is the significant reasons – freedom (and you must sing it the chorus of George Michael freedom!). I have absolute freedom to travel to where I want to, wear whatever I want and the freedom to work when I want to.  I am my own boss, and I think that is important reasons why I wanted to be an influencer.

Those were my reasons; tell me why you are an influencer?

What do you think?

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5 Reasons Why I Wanted to Be an Influencer

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