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5 Reasons why I Joined Slimming World Online

by Anna Nuttall

In the past month, I said goodbye to Weight Watcher and hello to Slimming World Online. Here are 5 reasons why I joined Slimming World Online.

One thing I have noticed since getting older is the fact that my weight just fluctuates like a yo-yo.  One minute I’m down and it all good, the next thing I know is that go back up again. It never stays still, which if I’m honest, it does frustrate me.

I know what you going to say, it what happen when you get older, your metabolism slows down and you suddenly get lumps in places where you never use to get them.

Trust me I heard it all before. Now if we rewind a little, 20-something me would roll my eyes and goes ‘oh puh-leeze, that won’t happen to me’. You see, I use to boost that my metabolism doesn’t slow down and I never get any lumps or bumps.

Ha! Oh if only I could have a conversation with my younger self.

So yes, now in my 30s – having a ‘stable’ weight is just a dream. A distance dream I might add.

What a girl to do? Well as you get older, you’re faced with having a gym membership and then signing up to places that promise amazing weight loss’ and ‘revolution lifestyle change’. I’m talking about places such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World, among other diet/lifestyle change groups.

I have never been a big gym person; I use to hate PE at school. That tells you everything you need to know on how I feel about exercise. I prefer swimming. I did a lot of swimming at school (admittedly I hated swimming at school and it was only as I got older I found myself enjoying it!) so that where my love of swimming stem from.

But I try to force myself to like the gym, I try to make an effort – but sometimes I lack the motivation. I don’t totally hate exercising, there are times I do enjoys the endorphin.; but I just don’t enjoy the atmosphere of the gym and I know it all in my head and really no-one is watching me. But I kind of feel they are and I’m totally sticking out like a sore thumb.

I know what you’re thinking, why do I just swim instead? There are no decent pools in my area. There a local council one but it has a reputation of being completely rank and it just doesn’t look clean. Another place that has a pool want £80 a month for membership, I’m not kidding.

Let just say, that whole area of my life – exercising, swimming, gym – is just a nightmare and it just doesn’t help me.

Anyway, as I was saying – yes you found yourself having to sign up to places such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World.

I tried Slimming World, well the group version a few years ago. I did have success – but I hated going to the group everywhere. Once again, it all my head and no one is noticing me – but it just the feeling I have where I’m sticking out like a sore thumb. I did actually enjoy it but didn’t stick with it.

So I decided to try Weight Watchers Online. At the time of joining, they just redesigned their plan and instead of pro-points, it now smart points. They had an app in which you can write a food diary and work out easily what food is within your dailies allowance (smart points).

And again, I did have success. There were no groups but I had my husband nagging me days and nights.

As with all things, I’m useless at keeping with things. The food diary app kept crashing and I soon got bored with the foods options. There no real variety and apart from my husband support, no real support team.

So eventually I decided to stop using them and just cancelled my membership.

Now you can understand why my weight is like a yo-yo.

Well one night, not so long ago I had a dream. I dreamt I signed up to Slimming World Online. It was like my sub-conscience was sending a message,’ you must sign up to slimming world!’.

So I did. And boy am I glad I did as I’m so enjoying it. I should have done this at the beginning and ditch the group dynamic and just should have done it online.

Which bring me to my point, 5 reasons why I joined Slimming World Online and why you should as well.

No Group:

I sort of have covered this already. I know some like going to the group for the social aspect. But I didn’t. With me, I was in and out in a flat 5 seconds spree. Blink and you missed me. I just came to be weighed and then ran off.  I’m quite a shy person, so I didn’t really want to socialize with other people and I didn’t really care for the motivational speech.

Weigh yourself naked:

Well, you can, in the comfort of your own home. That the thing that used to irritate me with group Slimming World, the fact they weigh you in a group full clothed. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to weigh myself naked. I use to think my end of the week result was unbalanced and unfair. We all know clothes add weights, so I felt I wasn’t getting the correct weighing results. I would wear the baggiest clothes to try and even it out – but at the end of the day, it still didn’t help the matter. At least when you weight yourself naked, no one else can see you!

More flexibility with Syns:

I found group Slimming World that Syns was restricted and you have got to stay within your dailies allowance. But Slimming World Online there none of that. When you signed up, you don’t get a Syns allowance, but they do tell you it usually 5-15 Syns a day. Overall you’re free to set up your own Syns dailies allowance.

Helpful Member Area:

There has been criticism from other members that the Slimming World Membership area wasn’t exactly ‘helpful’. But I totally didn’t find that. There are tons of really useful articles that I feel does benefit me. As well as all the articles, you do get a food diary planner and also instant access to a Slimming World support team.

A private chart to track your progress:

I never use to enjoy sharing my progress with anyone, this me just being plain stupid. But I wanted my chart to be private and for my eyes only. With Slimming World Online, your chart and progress are indeed private and only you can see it. Which makes me happy as I don’t have to share it with anyone. I know some will say, oh then you won’t get the certificate or a well-done sticker. I never cared for them and I just wanted to celebrate my own achievement in my own way – usually with a chocolate bar.


So yes, that me on reasons why I joined Slimming World Online. I will off course, let you know how I progressed and if I do have good results with it. Stay tuned.

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