I have been going through memory lane, especially remembering our last Europe trip. How we spent 24 hours in Amsterdam and feel in love with it. Here are 5 reasons to visit Amsterdam.

We really didn’t spend long in Amsterdam when we were there last time. Which when I look, I always thought that was a shame as I very quickly feel in love with Amsterdam.

To get to Amsterdam, we took an overnight train from Munich Germany. I didn’t sleep a wink throughout my time onboard. Which annoyed me as I was physically exhausted and generally wanted to rest. So by the time we got to Amsterdam, I was a human zombie. And to make matter worse I was getting a cold.

However, as we got to Amsterdam reasonably early and we couldn’t check into any hotel until the afternoon. We did the only logical thing in the world – start queuing up for the Anne Frank museum.

I made a promise to myself that I will visit the museum once I got to Amsterdam. So we headed straight there. We queued and queued for nearly 4 hours to get in. Seriously, if you want to visit the Anne Frank museum then be prepared to queue for a very long time.

After queuing and finally seeing the museum, we could finally check into the hotel. By that point, I was feeling more ill and couldn’t keep going. So as soon as we got to our room – I crashed.

After I crashed, we spent a good part of the morning, walking around and looking around at all the little lanes. I finally could see why people say Amsterdam is beautiful because it really is.

Anyway, because last time I was feeling ill and didn’t see much of the place; I’m very keen to go back to Amsterdam and to take a closer look.

And that what we going to do when we do our next part of the Europe trip, yup we’re going back to Amsterdam. This time hopefully I won’t be feeling ill and I can explore more of the beautiful city.

I feel lucky that I got to visit already and given the chance to visit again. So if you never been before, but need some reasons why. Then here are 5 reasons to visit Amsterdam.

The air is so clean:

Amsterdam is most definitely not a polluted city as the air is so clean. This could be down to that the main transport is bicycle and very little cars. This is also great if you suffer from hay fever.

It like one big student campus:

The immediate thing I notice about Amsterdam Is how young and vibrant the city feels. It doesn’t feel like a city, but one big student campus. You have to be there to know what I mean.

You’re free to be who you want to be:

I believe the Netherland has the most relaxed LGBTQ rules in Europe. So basically, you are free to be who you want to be. That is why Amsterdam has such a huge following in the LGBTQ community.

It very safe:

I was told by people that Amsterdam is very safe – even round the red light district. There are police cars monitoring each block. But overall I never felt scared or threatened.

Filled with quirky shops:

When we did our little walk around, we turned into various little lanes that were filled with quirky shops. There were vintage fashion shops, clothes for your dog and really quirky outrages furniture shops that look more in place on a porno then in your living room. It gave us a good laugh.

I’m excited to go back to Amsterdam. And I hoped my 5 reasons to visit Amsterdam has given you a reason to go. I’m of course, once I come back from my new Europe trip will give you a newer fresher report.

5 reasons to visit Amsterdam

5 reasons to visit Amsterdam

5 reasons to visit Amsterdam

5 reasons to visit Amsterdam