5 reasons to take a coffee break
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5 reasons to take a coffee break

by Anna Nuttall

There are days when all you want in life is to take a break and to step back away from everything. Here are 5 reasons to take a coffee break.

Now, I should say straight away – I don’t drink coffee. I actually don’t like the taste of coffee, and this is where it gets a little funny as I actually do like the smell of coffee; just not the taste. I’m the strange person who would sniff all the coffee beans, but just never actually drink it.

Apart from sniffing coffee beans, another I do like is – coffee break. How could anyone not like those few minutes where you can step away from work, and just sit down and relax by having a well-earned coffee. Well in my case it would be water or perhaps a chai latte.

When I was employed, I would count down till my coffee break. I could often go for 2-3 hours without a single drink, so I was usually gasping for a drink when it came to my break. (I did use to get a lot of headache as I was usually dehydrated and have to limit on how much I could actually drink.)

Anyway, when I became self-employed needless to say, I still found myself looking forward to my coffee break. Ok so I can take my coffee break anytime I want and drink as much as I like without worrying, but just having those few moments to take a breather and clear the head, is something I look forward too.

So whether you are self-employed or work in an office somewhere. Take those few minutes to have your own coffee break.

Here are 5 reasons to take a coffee break and how it makes your day feel a little more peaceful.

A chance to step away from the desk:

Especially when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. Coffee break are a great time to unchained yourself from the desk and to have those few minutes away from it.

A chance to catch on that day news:

We all heard about people chattering round the office water cooler, well you can also have a chatter to people while you’re sipping on your coffee. It usually a great wat to catch up on that day news and to find out some juicy gossip.

Clear the head:

Something might have made you mad, or you are stress about something. Those few minutes drinking coffee is all you need to clear the head. So when you have finished, you are in a better mood and nothing bother you anymore.

Feed your hunger:

As well as having that cup of coffee, you can also feed your hunger. So have a kit-kat or something a little healthier, and just have a snack. No coffee break is complete without a little chocolate treat.

Let you be you for a few minutes:

It let you be yourself for a few moments. You’re not that girl (or guy) who is really stressed over a work assignment or perhaps feel the need to put on a persona while in a public place. Coffee beak for those few minutes where you can be yourself.


Those where my 5 reasons to take a coffee break, do you have any to add? Oh also, how do you like your coffee?

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1 comment

singdong 23rd May 2018 - 7:46 am

These are the nice reason to get the coffee break but i actually I didn’t need any reason for the coffee break. I love coffee.


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