5 Reasons For Why I’m Excited About Spring

With winter finally over, I’m looking ahead to the year. So here are 5 reasons for why I’m excited about spring.

Now the whole ‘beast for the east’ is over, I can finally look forward to spring. One of my favourite seasons, the other being autumn but it too early to be talking about that. Yes, spring is one of my favourite seasons.

Warmer weather, no more laying up 5 billion pieces of clothes before you can go out, no more freezing windy blast blowing in your face, and also no more slippery surface from snow.

So yes, I’m looking forward to spring and if I’m honest, I’ve been counting down for this season since last year. Or at least since when the weather turned really cold and it was impossible to do anything outside.

Anyway, let me go into more details on why I’m excited about spring. Here 5 reasons on why I’m excited about spring.

Spring Dresses

I’m so looking forward to being wearing my spring dresses again. My poor dresses stuck in my wardrobe for month upon end, not being used. Well wipe those tears away as I can finally wear them again. It is so nice to get out wearing legging and big baggy sweatshirt all the time and to wear something that is colourful and a little more feminine.

The warmer sunnier weather

Now it has to be said, I am the Goldilocks of the great British weather. I don’t like it being too hot and I don’t like it being too cold. I can’t function when temperatures are either soring or dropping, I like it in the middle thank you very much. So that why I’m excited about spring, it just the right temperatures for me. Warm during the day and cool in the evening.

A chance to go exploring castles again

That the thing with winter, everything gets closed down till spring arrives again. Meaning I can’t go exploring castles in winter. So I’m looking forward to going exploring some old medieval castles that probably got a ghost or two in. It also always a fun day out and to take some photos.


Or it should be known the chocolate holiday. Well, that how I think of Easter anyway. I always think of Easter as the signal to the start of spring/summer. Bunnies, daffodil, chocolate eggs, long bank holiday weekend; what not to love about Easter?

Longer Day

Not that I didn’t like long evening and shorter day, but it always made me feel so sleepy. At least with having longer days, I won’t go to bed stupidly early and I can actually enjoy the day for longer. Meaning I can go out in the evening and still take photos, without thinking that I’m past my bedtime.


So are you as excited about spring as I am? What are your reasons for why you’re excited about spring?

What do you think?

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  • Priscilla Bettis
    March 14, 2018

    I am excited about spring because my hands and feet are always cold in the winter! Oh yeah, and lower electricity bills, too.:-)

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5 Reasons For Why I’m Excited About Spring

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