5 phone apps I can’t live without

It fair to say I’m pretty damn addicted to my phone. I can’t live without it – it never leaves my hands. So I thought I would show you 5 phone apps I can’t live without.

This sound silly to say, but my god I can’t live without my phone. I cannot imagine my life without this little device telling me every part of my day. When I say it never leaves my hands – it really doesn’t. It a permanent fixture on my hand and I can never seem to put it down. The other day I was heating up some noodles, in one hand I was carefully balancing the plate of noodles, while the other had a tight firm grip of my phone. That’s how bad I am and how crazy addicted I am to my phone. I need some specialist help to wedge me away from the damn device.

Another silly thing is, I’m old enough to remember a time before a smartphone or even mobile phone was around. I remember the excitement of owning a little handheld device. I could finally call my friends whenever I wanted, plus be playing snakes while waiting for the bus and be having a secret conversation on SMS (short messages service).

If I have known then, what phone would become now – it would have blown my mind. Richard and I were talking about that the other day; how much smartphone was able to blow people mind and suddenly allowed people to have so much knowledge and power in the palm of their hand. Though I don’t know about you – but I just use that power to look up cat videos.

Enough thinking back to olden day of mobile phones, let me bring you back to the current where I can show you 5 phone apps I can’t live without.

5 phone apps I can’t live without


This is an obvious choice as I love checking my email. However, I hate writing an email on my phone. So I tend to wait till I get home to type out an email. But I do love reading ‘good news’ emails when I’m out and about.

Gems or Jewels:

It a silly little game I have downloaded to pass the time. It also often helps me think on what I’m going to write or do. Most mobile game often has tons of adverts or ask you to pay up before playing, that often it unplayable and you just end up uninstalling it. This game doesn’t have adverts or ask you to pay, so it a win for me. It the only mobile game I use.

Sky News:

I do actually quite like the Sky News App, especially for it news flash notification that often comes up when the news is breaking. Some find it annoying, but I tend to like keeping up to date on what’s going on in the world.


Sorry, not sorry. No list would be complete with Instagram. As I said before I am hooked on this app. I genuinely spend waaaay to much time looking at it. This is my most used app on my phone.


An app I’m sure everyone has or at least uses all the time. The thing is with me, my sense of direction is rubbish. If you tell me to go left, I would go right and right would be left. Seriously I’m always getting lost. So I need this app in my life.


Now it over to you – what 5 phone you can’t live without? Do let me know.