The Mediterranean Sea is world’s renowned as the ultimate beach holiday destination. But often we just think of cocktails and sun when booking a holiday. So here are 5 hidden gems around the Mediterranean Sea that you might not have thought off visiting.

The Mediterranean Sea is known for its stunning beaches, year round sun and ever-flowing cocktails. It is also homes to some of the renowned travel destinations. Making it the ultimate holiday bucket list for any holiday maker.

But what a lot of holiday makers often forget that the Mediterranean Sea is a vast coastal area that covers from France to Turkey, not just the islands around Greece. Another thing a lot of holiday makers tend to mistake is there a lot more on offer then just fun in the sun.

The area around the Mediterranean Sea in fact has a lot of little hidden gems, places that will take the tourists off the beaten tracks where they can discover new places to explore.

As someone who likes to travel somewhere off the beaten tracks and always want to discover new places to explore. I thought I would show you 5 hidden gem around the Mediterranean Sea that you might not have thought off to visiting.

Trakoscan Castle (Croatia)

A real live fairytale castle that has a fascinating history. Get lost with the vast history of this beautiful castle and visit it huge collections amour, paintings and books. A beautiful location to walk around and to pretend you’re a princess (or a prince!).

The Acropolis Museum (Greece)

A fascinating museum if you are wanting to discover ancient Athens. Especially as this is an archeologist of the Acropolis of Athens. This is a great place to bring out your Indiana Jones side, much like I did when I visited Oxford archeologist museum.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral (Malta)

A beautiful Cathedral in Malta. A gem of Baroque art and architecture, where it can transport you to bygone age. A place you should visit if you wish to learn more on St John the Baptist.

 Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero (Italy)

A wineries based in Italy. Dating back to 18th century. A vast farmland to explore and unlimited wine tasting, do you really need an excuse to explore this place? A fascinating place to taste some wine and to learn it history.

Paphos Medieval Castle (Cyprus)

This is more of a fortresses than a castle but it dates back to the 13th century and sit on Paphos Harbor. A  fascinating place to visit not just for the castle, but also the harbor and surrounding area.

I hope these has wet your appetite and make you want to discover some hidden gems around the Mediterranean Sea.

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So do let me know if you will be booking your holiday around the Mediterranean Sea.

5 hidden gems around the Mediterranean Sea

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