5 fun things to do at home this summer
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5 Fun Things to Do At Home This Summer

by Anna Nuttall

If you are staying home this summer and not going anywhere. Well, you can still have fun. Here are 5 fun things to do at home this summer.

While, yes – summer does usually mean going away on a fun summer holiday and spending more time in the sun on a beach. You can still have fun at home.

I’m not going on a fun summer holiday or spending time on a beach. It doesn’t mean summer for me is ruined. No, at all. I can still have tons of fun at home.

So many people have this idea that you must go away or visit somewhere throughout the summer months. Don’t get me wrong, I am one of those people. You know me, I have the travel bug and I’m always itching to go somewhere.

But when the temperature is soaring high, sometime – and this might just be me – going anywhere is so much effort.

So the only options are to stay at home. If that the case, if you are stuck at home this summer. Let me guides you. Here are 5 fun things to do at home this summer. The great things are that lots of these don’t really require much effort.

Pool Ring and Sprinkler:

Don’t have a pool, no worries. Just find yourself a big pool ring and put on the sprinkler. Lay back on the pool ring near a sprinkler and let it give you an almost pool feeling. Well, it will cool you down if you’re feeling hot.

Make your own ice cream:

I use to have an ice cream maker machine. Best thing ever – till my mum threw it away one day. Seriously nothing beat making your own ice cream. You don’t need to invest an ice cream machine maker, just find something simple like an ice lolly mould and work from there.

Water Fight:

Who doesn’t like getting a pair of water guns and having a water fight? Best way to cool down.

Give yourself an outdoor home spa day:

Having a home spa day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have it in the bathroom. When the summer sun is fading in the evening, set up a few candles and do in the garden. Also, use the time to meditate.

Lay Back on a swinging hammock and daydream:

Growing up, we use to have a swinging hammock. I loved it. I would happily spend my afternoon laying down on it and just daydream. I would daydream about school, life, and the future. One day, now as an adult – I will get back to that; daydreaming while laying on a swinging hammock.

Those were my 5 fun things to do at home this summer. Do you have any suggestion or any fun tips?

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