5 facts about my husband
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5 Facts About My Husband

Today I’m not going to talk about me – but I’m going to talk about my partner in crime. My husband. Here 5 facts about my husband.

There I was one-day sitting in front of my computer, when Richard popped his head round the door and asked me what was I doing? Well he caught me in the act of sitting in front of the computer with a blank document wondering what to write. I had a little bit of writer block. So I replied, ‘trying to think of what to write’; he answers by saying ‘write about me’. So then a lightening bulb went off in my head and I thought he was a bloody genius.

Bingo! Why didn’t I think about this before? I mean, I talk about myself way too much – so I think it only fair to introduce one other character in my life; my partner in crime – Richard.

Now I have written about my husband before and how we met. So I won’t repeat myself. But It now seem so silly that I haven’t really done a proper post on him.

I’m sure you have notice that, If I talked about him on here, it often in a contextual way. ‘My husband says this.’ or ‘my husband said that’. Never really properly brought into the post. Always as a third person navigate.

Well I’m going to fix this and do a proper post on him. I’m sure he going to really like it. I doubt it as he is like me and a little on the shy social anxiety side. We’re two peas in a pod.

So without further ado: Let me introduce you to Richard Nuttall and give you 5 facts about him.

5 facts about my husband

He is a massive geeky nerd:

That not an exaggeration and that is how he describe himself. If there was an award for the Nerdist geekist man on earth, he would win it.  He loves anything techie and always the first inline to buy the latest PlayStation 4 game. When he not working, he would Google and read all the science websites and then once done with that’ he would buy all the science and technology magazines. He would bore me to tears (sorry Richard) telling me about the latest game engines and the future of VR. Having said he a nerd, he doesn’t go to any geeky nerdy conference or show. As I said, he a little on the shy side and prefer to watch them on YouTube.

He is the man behind my photos:

You probably figured that out already. If I’m in a photo, he the one taking the photos. He a professional photographer by trade, so he the only one I trust who can shoot me on my best side. He studied Digital Art and Photography at uni, where he went on to get a post grad diploma on photography. So he knows his stuff. He works for various photos companies and travel everywhere taking all type of photos. Trust me, there are times when I have to book him so I can get a day with hi working for me.

He used to ride a motorbike:

Richard suffer really badly with travel sickness. He can’t be in a car longer than 30 minutes. So a few years ago, he decided to get a bike license and to ride a motorbike. Yes, I was a motorbike chick – I loved it – though it horrified my parents! We both speed demon. He gave up the motorbike a few years ago as we moved nearer to public transports and he didn’t need it anymore.

His favorite food is enchilada and Fajita:

Whenever we in the supermarket and we trying to decide what eat, he always choose enchilada or fajita. That is his favorite food and if given by choice –he would happily live on it for the rest of his life.

I also like to bring up, that he does the best egg fried noodles in the entire world. I keep telling him that he should open up a restaurant dedicated to it.

I additionally like to say, he favorite take-away meal is Chinese foods.

His favorite tune/music is 80s synth wave:

When I met him, he was very much into chill out euphoria. A form of dance music that in my eyes sound like dope/pot tune. But it since has evolve to 80s synth wave. Very cheesy 80s dance tune that wouldn’t be place anywhere near the 80s. To get an idea of what I mean, here a clip of Kung Fury and you will see what I mean about 80s synth wave.

I now got him standing over my shoulder and reading everything I have written. ‘Oh god Anna, I can’t believe you done that!’ So now Is a good time to stop. I hope it gave you a good introduction on my husband.

Anna Nuttall

Hello, it’s so lovely for you to join me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna Nuttall living in London and married to my husband, Richard. I worked in retail for ten years before I left and fulfilled my addiction to social media and blogging, where I’m now working as a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and also in digital marketing.


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