When life becomes fuller and busier, it’s easy to lose tracks on what you did from one day to the next. Here are 4 ways to achieve a more mindful day.

Do you often find yourself moving through life on autopilot? While it may seem like an effective way to keep the flow of the day moving, but really it does means you are less likely to miss out on the little thing, the little joy that keep the wheel of life turning.

I do understand that the ability to simplify and to snap out of autopilot is not an easy thing, or an option. As the saying goes, ‘if you want a job done well, then do it yourself!’

What I’m saying is, it’s important to snap out of autopilot mode and to simplify things. It’s also important to take care of yourself especially if you are balancing a 100 things all at once.

I know what you going to say to me, it easier said than done. But I feel you are wrong. Even if you pause for 5 minutes while waiting for the kettle to boil so you can have your 5th cup of coffee, is still a time when you are simplifying yourself and not concertation on a deadlines or telephone; or being in that autopilot state of mind.

If you do want to snap out of that fast turning autopilot life, then I have 4 ways to achieve a more mindful day. Its good I feel to practice mindfulness all throughout your day. And the best thing is it can be done anytime and where. All you have to do is focus on your breathing and to clear your mind. If a thought popped in your mind, then let it go and don’t think about it. Just focus on you and nothing else.

Listen to a mediation app

If you commute to your workplace or sit in a traffic jam every minutes, then pop open a mediation app and listen to it. If you take the train, then listen on headphone and if in car, dock your ipod/tablet and have meditation music playing. It makes you aware of the sensations in your body, and refresh the mind ready for a busy day ahead.

Walk everywhere

If I’m in central London, I just walk everywhere rather than go on the tube. A great exercise and you get fresh air while doing it. If your stressed, or feel overwhelmed waking can gently ease the pressure and often bring in a new perspective to that situation.

Treat yourself to a coffee shop lunch

If you work in a busy office where there is constant team building activities or general after work social time. For your lunch break, go to a coffee shop and get away from it all. Have that cup of tea and sneaky cookie and just watch the world go by. Just be by yourself for 1 hour.

Turn off your phone/tablet

Our electronic device does often do a number on our mind, so in the evening. Turn it off. There no need to keep checking on Facebook or Instagram every 5 minutes (which I’m so guilty off!), it still will be there in the morning.

Those were my 4 ways to achieve a more mindful day. Do you have any to add?