If you fancy going somewhere different and fancy a road trip holidays, then let me list you 4 reasons why to road trip around Ireland.

Now I have confession for you all, I always wanted to do a road trip round Ireland. There just one tiny problem with that – I can’t drive and I don’t own a car. Yeah I’m off to a good start.

Oh and there another problem with this road trip idea…My husband gets car sick very easily. He can’t be in a car longer then 20-30 mins. Ok so my idea of road trip round Ireland isn’t getting off to a good start.

But I love the idea of an open road and getting completely lost and discovering new places. So why Ireland you may ask.

Well truthfully I never been to Ireland before, ok so that not technically true – we (parents and I) went to Dublin when I was small child for a weekend. But I don’t remember any of it. So let just say I never been to Ireland before.

And after watching some spooky Ireland Celtic tale’s videos on Youtube and looking at some beautiful photos of Ireland on blogs. Yeah I want to visit Ireland and take in both the spookiness and the magic of the country.

Well I visit I won’t be road tripping anytime soon, but this summer why do your road trip round Ireland. Hire a car, get some Chill insurance, pack a picnic and just drive all around.

Still not convinced? Well here are 4 reasons on why to road trip round Ireland:

An Adventure:

Much like us earlier this year, when we interrail around Europe – it was an adventure. We had no plan and could go anywhere we like. Road trip around Ireland is the same thing.  Where you have no real plan and you just drive anywhere and have yourself an adventure.

Discover something Old and News:

When you’re driving on an open road, you have the real freedom to discover something old and also something new. You might stumble upon an old castle or a new café. It might be fun to explore an old castle or take in the sights at a new village.


Driving through Ireland give you the freedom to do anything you want. You can go on hikes if you like, or spend the day at a beach. Have the freedom to go where you want to go.

Privacy and Space:

When road tripping around Ireland, it just be you and no one else. Meaning you can have all the privacy and space you desire. There no tour guide pushing you along or a crowd of people getting in the way. You can sing as loudly as you like in the car or just take a break somewhere and go to a pub.

Those were my 4 reasons why to road trip around Ireland. Let me know if this is something you do this year.


(In collaboration with Chill Insurance)