4 Podcasts to Listen While Laying Out in The Sun

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If you are spending your summer laying out in the sun next to a pool and want something to listen to – then help is at hands.

I’m enjoying listening to podcasts lately. Partly due to the fact it often better than any radio stations and also you can find a topic or a discussion you genuinely do enjoy listening too. There is a podcast for everything – for any issues in the world. If there a theme or a debate going on in the world – trust me, someone is already doing a podcast on it.

I must admit with the podcasts I listen to the topics it does cover a substantial full open spectrum. I listen from anything paranormal to royal news and just celebrity gossip.

So I would share a choice of podcasts you can listen to while laying out in the sun. This should put a smile on your face and hopefully should put you in a summery mood.

All of these are found on Spotify.

Gossip with Celebitchy:

This is a podcast relating to the celebrity’s gossip blog: Celebitchy. The two writers do the podcast and new episodes it up every Monday. It covers celebrities gossip, and I find it so much fun to listen too. It also does include royal news and even hot stories of the week.

The Good News Podcast:

A daily reminder that not all news is bad news. These are shorts podcasts but enough to make you smile. Listen to the one with the kids sharing facts from school. Updated almost dailies.

Happy Place:

This is Fearne Cotton podcast and it a happy podcast to listen to. Every episode Fearne will have different people discussing what happiness means to them. It easy going to listen, and I enjoy Fearne chatty style. Every episode is an hour long and updated weekly.

Mindful in Minutes:

You might be short on time, but you don’t need to be short on mindfulness.  This podcast focuses on mindful and how meditation can help you.  This is the kind of podcast to listen to when in a peaceful no interruption place. This is good to listen to if you are into yoga as well. It was a series that has ended but still available to listen to, and every episode is approx. 15 minutes long.

What podcast do you listen to and hopefully my list should have inspired you a little bit while layout out in the sun.

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  • Karen
    June 12, 2019

    This is all new to me: podcasts! I haven’t heard of any that you listen too that you shared but I did like The Happy one and with the accent 🙂. Also I like the meditate one to keep balance with my life and to distress

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4 Podcasts to Listen While Laying Out in The Sun

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