Today I’m turning a new page on my blog history as I don’t think I’ve done a book review on this blog before so today is a new chapter! I’m little bit of a book worm and I love reading so since getting my kindle app on my new tablet, I have been reading up a storm. I thought I would show you a few recommendation from my library and give you reason why you need to download and read these books. I admit I have replaced the kindle for a good hard back book, this is more to do with practicality then anything – You can take a kindle/tablet book to supermarket and help you find that one recipe you want rather then lugging in a heavy old book. The kindle/tablet does fit better in your handbag let’s be honest. I originally wanted the kindle as a way I can read Harry Potter without holding up the heavy volume book every time.  Anyway I have a mixture of recipes, fiction, beauty and blogging.

Deliciously Ella

4 Must-Have Books To Read On Your Tablet

This book I read a review of in a magazine and it sounded really interesting and I love the idea of it. This is no ordinary recipe book, but something a little different. Ella Woodward write a blog ” Deliciously Ella “, she had some illness a few year back and she healed herself by eating alternative natural food, that the basis of it and I really love the whole Philosophy behind it. After all my problem over the last few years sometime I try to eat alternative natural food, Ella’s herself doesn’t eat meat, dairy, sugar and etc; she now only eat a plant-based diet. Which all I can say is good on her! Moving onto the book, she have compelled a lot of her recipes from the blog to the book and for someone who is the fussiest eater ever – I actually quite like a lot of these recipes. For example there a rocket pesto recipe and it look really nice and it something I’m tempted to buy and try out, another recipe is Baked Bananas stuffed with melted dark chocolate – yum! There’s some of the basic such as baked beans, spicy salsa and simple oat cookies. I enjoyed reading this book and looking through the recipe and it something I will be trying out in the next few week. If you’re look for alternative natural food recipes book then I do recommend this one.

Love Tanya

4 Must-Have Books To Read On Your Tablet

I have been following Tanya Burr Youtube channel for ages now and when I heard she was releasing a book I was expecting great things. This book promise to be all about fashion, beauty, health and everything else in between. Love Tanya does live up to everything this book promised to be – however I was slightly disappointed, wait here me out on this. I think I was expecting a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this look and how to do your make up to look like Selena Gomez. While it does do that, you often flicking through pages and pages without seeing any kind of tutorial or pictures. I was expecting a more picture-based tutorial and what is the correct way to put on a primer or how to achieve healthy nails. I’m not slagging off this book – It just more autobiography then my expectation. It does give you a more in-depth view of Tanya and the girl behind Youtube but I wanted a more girlie tutorial book, one that you keep going back for new ideas or to learn something different. Overall If it get people reading then that a good thing so I have no problem with it really.

Before I Go To Sleep

4 Must-Have Books To Read On Your TabletThis book is quite frankly one of the best book I have read for a very long time. I think I saw the trailer for the film first then I decided to read the book before seeing the film, my advice is read the book first. Imagine waking up every day not having any memories of the pervious day or for the last 20 years, everyday you go t sleep your memories will be erased. This is what happen to the main character and you really do get to grip on what she have to go through on a dailies basis – luckily there her neuro doctor, her husband and her secret diary to help. It a major page turner and I couldn’t stop reading it, every chapter is in a format of a diary and piece by piece she getting to grip with her illness and her life. My advice is download this today if you’re going on a long train journey as you wouldn’t want to put it down. Also another piece of advice is to avoid the film like the plague, such a let down and the book is better in my opinions.

Blogging Your Way To The Front Row

4 Must-Have Books To Read On Your Tablet

I think I originally downloaded this out of curiosity and wondered what advice it could give, I was pleasantly surprised. If you are thinking of starting a blog, going into Fashion Journalism or you not really sure but thinking along those line – then you do need this. This book is very in-depth (more in-depth then I was expecting), the writer goes through the planning process of a blog right through to how you can turn your blog into a business. She goes target readership, visuals and media kit. There’s not a whole lot of pictures in this book but to be honest you don’t need it. If 2015 be the year you sort-out your life or career then go download this book.