4 Instagram Accounts to Follow

I’m addicted to Instagram and I love scrolling down at all the pretty pictures and liking them. So here are 4 Instagram accounts to follow.

This little picture app is something us bloggers can’t stop talking about, there seem to be a feeling of a love/hate relationship. Every time we say we’re going to quit – we just keep coming back. I’m myself am like this, someday Instagram can be fun to look at, while other time I just get annoyed and comes close to deleting it off my phone.

I think the reason why I never quit and its Instagram saving grace – is the Instagram stories. Oh my god, hand up who else is addicted to this? While snapchat is fun to use, but really I only ever use snapchat for the fun facial feature. Instagram stories I feel is a cut above the rest. Instagram stories are just fun to watch and to see what people get up to. A real-life drama that playing out in the comfort of your home.

When Instagram first started, it was just a place to put your fun and silly phone pictures. But now it all about careful picture perfect images. Now day more people seem to use their DSLR camera to shoot and upload on Instagram, yeah including me. But that partly as I sometimes feel my phone camera isn’t as a sharp a DSLR camera.  While you do get a lot of beautiful images to look at, Instagram seems to lost some of the spontaneous it uses to have. Does anyone feel like this?

If you are a fan of beautiful images and love looking at Instagram stories, then here 4 Instagram accounts to follow.


Instagram accounts to follow

Simone Simons is a rock chick and a beauty blogger. She’s the leader singer of the metal band, Epica. But don’t let that put you off as her Instagram profile and Stories is filled with beauty tips, her travels and general mundane life. She does write her blog, Smoonstyle. So even if you not into metal music but love looking at beauty or really nice photos, then take a look at Smoonstyle.


Instagram accounts to follow

An Instagram account I just recently discovered and I am loving it. This is filled with gorgeous pictures of various cities and town around the world.  Every pictures are beautifully shot and for me, it showcases that any metropolitan cities or town can be enchanting to photograph.  This covers worldwide town and cities and it just makes you want to visit them all.



Instagram accounts to follow

Who doesn’t love Dita Von Teese? I always love her dedication to her vintage glamour look and how she is original and doesn’t get a toss what anyone will say about it. Her Instagram account is both about her vintage style and her burlesque dancing. She does daily Instagram stories showing you her homes, her clothes (or stage costumes) and her travels. Oh there also quite a bit of lingerie on there as well.


Instagram accounts to follow

This Instagram profile makes me want to grab my passport and travel the world. Oh, I’m so looking forward to doing some travelling next year. This is filled breath-taking beautiful photos of destinations around the world. The world is such a beautiful place, whenever I look at this account I always feel like I’m missing out.

That was 4 Instagram accounts to follow, let me know if you do follow any. Also, it might be an idea to follow moi on Instagram.

Instagram accounts to follow



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  • Bri
    October 8, 2017

    I love that Pretty Cities one!

  • angie
    October 9, 2017

    I am not a large instagram fan and yet I know that many are. Thanks for sharing
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  • roamy
    October 12, 2017

    I`m still tring to find my way in social media so I ope these groups will be handy as I learn my way in instagram

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4 Instagram Accounts to Follow

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