The word ‘wellbeing’ get tossed around a lot, yet very few people know what wellbeing is all about or how to practice it. So here 4 daily practice that will boost your wellbeing in your life.

According to a dictionary, well-being means:

The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.
 “an improvement in the patient’s well-being”

So now we got the meaning sorted; it still a word that get tossed around a lot by people for the wrong reason, and it also a subject which leave people scratching their head and getting all confused. Can’t say I blame them as we are bombard with so call ‘knowledge’ and ‘expert advice’; ‘You need to be in the Zen for your wellbeing’ or ‘close your eyes and let light guide your wellbeing spirit.’ Blah blah blah. I think you get the picture.

But it true though, I can’t help but feel that we lost the true meaning of wellbeing. I feel that the word ‘wellbeing’ is often now associated with spiritual enlightment and finding your true inner soul. But when really is about you being in that frame of mind where you are happy and comfortable with your life. I feel you don’t need to sit in a room and mediate every day for 10 minutes to find that wellbeing you been looking for. That not to say, don’t mediate and look for spiritual englightment, go ahead. I just want you to be aware there is a more down to earth approach with looking after your wellbeing.

So how do you take a down to earth approach with ‘wellbeing’? And how do you practice it? Honestly my answer is for you look at yourself and mirror and think of all the positive aspect of you. This would help your mental wellbeing and start helping you being on the road where you are comfortable and happy. Trust me, it will help you.

Here are 4 daily practice that will boost your wellbeing in your life. These are not big practices and you can’t do it the privacy of your room (or house) with no one staring at you.

Chill out with music:

I know what you thinking, oh yeah sure let start with the chill out music part; How that going to help? Quite a lot in fact. But hear me out on this. It has been proven that music does in fact improve your mood and I can’t help but feel that the first step of boosting your wellbeing in your life, it by improving your mood. So go rock out to Iron Maiden (or whatever the cool kids are into these day, Justine Briber?)  and it give your boost and will make you happy.

Talk to a friend:

Yes, I know it another of those ‘typical expert advice’ people all through about when talking about boosting wellbeing in your life. But recently I had a mate who was going through a bad patch with work and was just hating her life, very much how I was feeling a few years ago when I worked in retail. So I knew how she was feeling. This mate would text me telling me how shitty her day was and how she hates working there. After a very teary phone call I just told her to quit and walk out as it not worth it if you hate it that much. So this mate did and now she healthy and happy with life. So the moral of the story is, when life feel like crap and you feel alone; you’re not and you will always have someone you can talk to.

Watch what you eat:

This is one of those old advice and one you always hear your grandmother or some elderly relative, ‘back in my day, we didn’t have Nando’. But study has soon, back in grandmother day, more people were healthy and happy with their life; And it to do with the food and diet that was available. Lots of fresh foods, none of that fast foods junk. I use to have a boss back when I worked in retail who would eat nothing but fast foods, and I mean morning, afternoon and evening. It was gross! He was overweight, had terrible skin and was in denial about his diet. He was bear with a sore head all the time and always on a foul mood. I truly believe it was his ‘diet’ that cause he mood. I hate fast foods; I wouldn’t eat Mcdonald if you paid me a million pound. I do bloody lovely my Fajita though. What I’m saying is, watch what you eat as it will affect you, not just your body – but your mind as well.

Sit out in the sunshine:

You know how your mum is always telling you need more vitamin d and how sunshine make you happy. Well she wasn’t wrong. If like me and hate the heat, then sit out in the evening when it a little cooler and just enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. Take a book or go for a little 5 minutes’ walk (even if it in your garden). Get those Vitamin ds in you before the summer end. And no, going on a sunbed doesn’t not count.


Those were my 4 daily practice that will boost your wellbeing in your life. For further reading, you might like my post: 5 Simple Steps To Take On Being a Happier Person