3 DIY Safety Tips for The Home

I’m not a DIY person, just ask anyone. But since becoming a homeowner, I have learnt some trick of the trade. Here are 3 DIY safety tips for the home.

When we bought our home a few years ago, we were told that we could decorate it however you wished. But under no circumstance weren’t we allowed any structural changes, like tearing down a wall or creating a second door to the balcony. Overall we had a blank canvas to work with and we could do whatever we wanted. So we went ahead and painted the bedroom, where I got my perfect purple bedroom. Richard turned some selves into a cardboard (or a loft area where we hide the Christmas decoration) and put down wooden flooring in the kitchen.

Once upon a time I actually use to work for a DIY store. It was where I met my husband. While working there, the store put me on a DIY safety course. So it safe to say that I know a little about this area. I did, of course, helped out when Richard was painting the walls or when he’s hammering something. I didn’t leave it all to him. Fortunately, while working in a DIY store, I never had a #DIYDisaters. So I never had to contact www.slatergordon.co.uk.

I don’t want to say I have an in-depth knowledge of DIY. But it safe to say I have picked up a few tips. Here are 3 DIY safety tips for the home.

Clear the home of any pets or children

That just goes without saying and yes, it captains obviously. But I use to hear all kind of injury reports where pets and children would get in the way.

Wear Safety Gears

I once had a customer who got a splinter in one of his eye (ouch!) from sawing a piece of wood. Really. So when doing any DIY, always wear safety gears.

Have a design plan

Another thing I learnt from hearing customer’s feedback, how they bulldozed into a project without really thinking about it and regret it afterwards. So before doing anything, have a design plan.


Do you have any DIY safety tips for the home?

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3 DIY Safety Tips for The Home

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