I’m sure by now you have packed away all your winter jumper, coats and boots and all the cold weather is just a distant memory. As spring is here and summer is coming right round the corner, so get out all those bikini, crop tops and short as longer sunny day is nearly here. Even those I hate summer, I do love summer clothes as it a nice feeling not to layer on piles of clothes on yourself. For me summer clothes is fresh, cooling and colorful, it isn’t restricted or clingy. With that in mind it prompted me to buy some new spring/summer clothes, so I went shopping in Oxford street and to their big H&M flag street store.  Rather then me just show you what I brought, I thought I would show 3 different way to wear these looks. It might give inspirations or an idea on what to look out for in the store this season. I like to think these look at very bohemian.

The Hippie Dress

IMG_6960aa IMG_6961aa IMG_6966aa IMG_6967aa

It a baggy navy blue dress, that remind me of the dress I saw hippie wore in the 60s. It loose and really nice to put on after a dip in the pool or on the beach. It just a fun dress to wear.

A Day In The Park: 

IMG_6950aa IMG_6951aa

This is the kind of outfit you would wear having a picnic on a cool  summer afternoon, The top is a vest with a see-through cotton overlay. I will say the skirt isn’t from H&M, it from Amazon.

The Complete Casual Outfit

IMG_6957aa IMG_6958aa

We all know what this look mean, jeans and a top and you can never go wrong. Perfect to go shopping or to laze around in the garden. My advice would be to be wild and wander.

So which look did you like the best? Just as a final note, I was wearing glasses as it was so bright I looked ridiculous squinting in the photos. My advice would be to go check out H&M as they got some amazing stuff right now.